Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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  1. Michael.

  2. That’s what friends are for.

  3. hehehe ouch

  4. Michael, wow.

  5. okay, this one actually made me giggle 🙂
    I was expecting petty drama between the two, like she comments “OMG YOU SLEPT WITH MY DOG SO I CAN DO WHAT I WANT STOP BE SO IMMATURE”
    But i saw what it was and giggled. OUT. LOUD.

  6. Why would you keep the person who periodically violating your girlfriend on your friends list?

  7. *Was periodically…

  8. Michael wins!

  9. You’ve been sleeping with other people for two years? Oh, it’s okay, I’m not going to break up with you. It’s fine, don’t worry abou… MICHAEL? GET THE FUCK OUT! If it had been Jack I wouldn’t have minded!

  10. Wow

  11. haha.. haha

  12. What ‘bone’ Micheal … your femur maybe?

  13. dirtylittlepretty

    im with pedanticoldgit…why would u keep someone like that in your friends list??
    just odd.

  14. What an idiot! Everyone knows that the “boner” isn’t comprised of actual bones, but is made up of cartilage just like your nose…

  15. dirtylittlepretty

    btw i fucked her too.

  16. Just because someone comments on a wall post doesn’t mean they’re friends. Unless the privacy settings are for friends-only, anyone can see it and comment.

  17. Once he wrote “doesn’t have a decent bone in her body” his fate was sealed.

  18. Meh I had a girlfriend once, but she cheated on me….so I broke into her house and shot her dog with a shotgun! Yeah, im not allowed in California anymore…..

  19. He must be one of those guys that comments on other people’s posts during sex.

  20. How many states do you have left to get banned from casshern?

    Michael FTW.

    @15/dlp, you were in that sesh too?

  21. beth called it right. she really is a whore-ible person.

  22. By “bone” my guess is that he meant bones, as in his whole arm. That chick’s gotta be looser than a walrus after cheating on him for 2 years…

  23. Michael is still his friend, because, well, you know,bro’s befo ho’s.

  24. @6&13

    Why not? Michael is not the one who cheated on Mark….he just helped his friend along from being with a cheating whore…that alone should be reason enough for him to stay friends with Michael.

  25. @iddjit

    Actually its made up of blood vessels. No cartilage at all. Next time you enter a battle of wits, make sure you are coming armed.

  26. LMAO! Ya gotta admit, it was a good comeback.

  27. @wiseass I thought there was cartilage in it, that’s why you can snap your cock. Guess I’ll check Wikipedia, that will enlighten me.

  28. I retract that last comment, thinking about my own penis and nose, there is no similarity with the cartilage of the nose and the whatever of the penis. You can still snap it though, something I never want to do :S.

  29. anyone else get the feeling this ones fake??

  30. This is all a true story. Read about it on Michael actually gave the girl an ATM (Ass to Mouth for all you Rookies) and the girl ended up kissing Mark after the ATM and they thought it was so funny they called it the “Peter up the Butter Michael Nutter”. They named it after the PB&J and Fluff sandwich or some shit and she only did it to Mark because he was such a huge prick. They reenact this event every year and hold a fundraiser for rectal cancer awareness culminating in a World Series of Pin The Tail on the Donkey. This is almost as serious as the Poker game but you just win a lifetime supply of Metamucil. Totally true. Look that shit up!

  31. Michael was pretty brutal, but it was a definitive and decisive win.

  32. this was the only post that made my giggle in a while.

  33. I laughed. It could be a different Michael who just saw the opportunity.

  34. Michael is my hero. I want his bone now too!

  35. I think my penis has cartilage because when it’s erect it looks like an ear. Normally it looks like a belly button.

  36. Erectile tissue my dear janellybeans, you want his erectile tissue.

  37. Win! sneaky fox!

  38. I wish to know more about this Mark/Michael relationship. Has mark previously slept with michael, is michael his brother, what sets him apart from the other guys sleeping with his partner?

  39. The penis is filled with muscle. Not the regular type though, it is a type called ‘smooth muscle’ or something. This creates the sponge-like substance that can be filled with blood.
    The difference (or one of the differences) between smooth muscle and regular muscle is that smooth muscle can’t be made larger with use.
    Milo, I think Michael is just a douchehead. So Mark was upset because not only did his girlfriend cheat but she cheated with someone whom he sees as far less worthy than himself.

  40. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    I hooked up with a girl who serially cheated on her boyfriend (including when she hooked up with me) I got bored, dumped her and now they’re married. Kinda like what might happen with Mark and his ex

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