Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Public Warning

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  1. FIRST

  2. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

  3. What kind of name is Resaun?!
    And what have they named those children?

    But he does look like a stand up gentleman(!)

  4. She’s probably heard of pills and condoms. Use it/ make him use it..

  5. Third times a charm they say. Maybe she thought baby number 3 would convince him he needs to man up n be ther daddi!

  6. the hell kinda names are those, man…

  7. also, yeah… it takes two to tango, I say. Unless by “laying down” to make the babies that poster means he’ll rape you pregnant, I don’t see how this is the man’s fault only. Woman up and look after yourself better next time !

  8. Cameron and Avery are perfectly normal names. Re’saun obviously wasn’t named by this woman so that doesn’t count. 2/3 ain’t bad….


  10. Is this a’baby mama’s’ united “warning”?
    Funnier if they had all given birth in close proximity.

  11. They all have different babies mama’s I submitted this.. there is an entire thread of 200+ comments to go with in that include all three of the babies mama’s the father’s family and the father fighting talking about shooting and “beef” its amazing. It’s hysterical.

  12. Well submit the goods woman! Don’t tease us with the poster only!

  13. My, Isn’t THIS A Shock?

  14. Let’s see the rest!!

  15. Agreed, I need a good read and request that Megan submit the comments section as well, please!

  16. thickasawhaleommlette

    The first baby looks like Danny Glover. Use that lethal weapon…..

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    Thick, I now picture him potty-training, looking at his diaper, and telling his mom he’s “too old for this shit”.

  18. Weren’t there any worse photos available?

  19. With that being one of the funniest, (espc the maury comment) ANT Kathy is the babies daddies mother. The first girl to write is one of the babies mamas, and the other girl who needs to get her maury in is his cousin who will be beating all the baby mammas up. I mean it’s nice that the mothers do take care of their children and they get a long with each other. However they shouldn’t have “laid down” with some guy with like a million kids.

  20. megan schley is hot!

  21. haha don’t forget a great sense of humor too!

  22. and a superb sense of humor – forgot about that in my first post.

  23. oh, and modest – shouldn’t forget modest 😉

  24. I think they’re triplets, so he didn’t knock her up three different times.

  25. Did you by any chance actually read any of the above comments?

  26. Where the hell is Mofo?? He’d have a field day with this one!

  27. ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s…Urgh.. what the fuck?! Ewwww! How did he even bend her over into that position?!…the sick fuckpig!’

    Never fear Disturbed your friendly neighbourhood rapist is never far away from the action.

    I think it’s fucking sick that this fella is getting away with donating spunk to kids, his own kids at that?! If you’re gonna drop a spunkbomb at least detonate it on foreign soil if you catch my drift?

  28. omg please link us to this megan!!

  29. did some snooping and found zena’s myspace. fyi, she’s “done shopping at fake bitches ‘r us” hahahah

  30. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Haha omg… Nice to know the mamas get along with each other seeing as how their kids are half-siblings! I do know someone who dates a guy with 5 kids (with different baby mamas) but at least he actually tries to take care of all his kids.

  31. haha how did u find her?

  32. I found Zena’s Myspace and Resaun’s Facebook and Twitter who leaves us with this gem: “quick question..would you stay in a relationship if he person jus don’t care..n won’t take responsibility of ther own actions”

  33. And megan, I have amazing Google (creeper) skills. I mostly use them for good, occasionally that gets boring and I ‘research’ people.

  34. I agree that he should take care of his responsibilities, but these sluts are acting like its his fault they were stupid enough to sleep with him WITHOUT PROTECTION.

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