Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Up to Date Updates

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  1. Britain can’t concern itself with sodden Pakistanis when there are cats being put into bins. Priorities people!

  2. Who throws out cats?? BBQ them suckers!

  3. A joke about Michael Jackson loving kids, and possibly raping Macaulay Culking.

    Up to date updates, Lamebook? You fahkin’ liars.

  4. Racism, homophobia and recycled Michael Jackson jokes. Stay classy guys.

  5. If you want a real up to date update (in Britain, you US guys got it a month ago…), Macaulay Culkin’s brother is awesome in Scott Pilgrim vs The World…

  6. I swear the last one is a re-upload?

  7. @BritishHobo
    yeah i wanted to see that. is it worth the 7 to 10 bucks it would cost me to see?

  8. That last post makes me wanna watch the Fresh Prince

  9. Pedanticoldgit, where was the homophobia? I looked all over for it.

  10. The first one is up to date because Macaulay Culkin just turned 30.

  11. You’re right, Hobes, Kieran Culkin does good work. He’s a very underrated actor, and has been overshadowed by his brother, but I will give props to MC for his guest appearance on Will and Grace, a few years back. Funny stuff.

  12. Now there’s a show I haven’t seen in a long time.

    Also, lex, definitely. It’s kinda… out there. Seems like a lot of people just found it weird. But I thought it was pretty damn awesome.

  13. The last one was stolen from Sickipedia..

  14. I like the kooky stuff, and KC mostly does indie films. Igby Goes Down is a good one of his, too.

  15. When I first read Charles, I thought he was describing a new reality TV show. xD

  16. @ijklomarissa – that made me laugh out loud!

  17. I feel bad for Kieran Culkin – it’s not like the Baldwin boys where Alec overshadows them because he’s the most talented; Mac overshadows Kieran for being the kid from Home Alone that became a bit of a whack-o. I hear Scott Pilgrim is a lot more enjoyable if you get the video game references.

  18. Hobo I saw a great Facebook page that I know you will love. It’s called “Why is Justin Bieber writing songs? She should be in the kitchen.” :d

  19. Ah, Dukey, you know me so well. All that joke needs is a line about how Michael Jackson wouldn’t like Justin Bieber because ‘she’s’ a young girl not a young guy or something equally as tortured and it’d be the perfect joke 😉

  20. I’ll admit, the miner one was pretty clever.

    But the AIDS one…I was thinking I maybe was missing something, but then realize it was just stupid. Not even offensively stupid. Just stupid.

  21. You should definitely go, lexluther. Michael Cera reverts to his George Michael awkward best.

  22. George Micheal is awesome… both of them, different levels of ‘awesome’ though.

    I keep hearing rumors of an Arrested Development movie?

  23. @word I think I remember that MC on Will and Grace episode, didn’t he play a brilliant lawyer that got real mean in the end?

    Anyway, still loving the scarf.

  24. I think an Arrested Development movie’s been rumoured but never confirmed for years now, just like the elusive Friends movie that always seems to get reported by some major news source once a year.

  25. ‘elusive’ … that’s funny. Easier to stomach then ‘inevitable’.

  26. “Stay slim or stay in mine” ???!!!

  27. mass, I love your George Michael comment.

    And I absolutely loved Arrested Development. I have the series on DVD. I’m not so sure I’d want a movie, though. They tend to fuck those things up, ruining what was perfect just as it was.

    You’re right about MC, he was Karen Walker’s lawyer.

    I have to break it to you, mass, but the scarf you’ve been wearing is not mine. as for whose it is?…

    Hobo, a Friends movie? I really really hope not. Vomit material.

  28. Michael Jackson would have appreciated that kid being alone lmao

  29. As the submissions have been covered can I just say Scott Pilgrim vs the World is fucking awesome, thanks. Soundtrack is equally awesome too, thanks again.


    I’m in lesbians with this film.

  30. I’m pretty sure the AD movie is going ahead, but it’s been long enough now, I think, that we don’t need a movie for closure or whatever and there’s a good chance it will be completely unnecessary or crappy.

  31. Oh no, I read that last submission to the tune of “Beverly Hillbillies” before I realized it was supposed to be “Fresh Prince.” ME FAIL!

  32. Apparently the main cast all signed on for an AD movie a couple of years back, but it’s been slow-going. I think right now there’s half a script for the movie, and they’re hoping that they could be able to shoot next year.

    PA, Scott Pilgrim is definitely the most geeky/completely awesome/quotable film I’ve seen in a long time.
    “We are Sex Bob-omb, and we’re here to… sell out and… make money and stuff.”

  33. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    These were pretty boring

  34. Lamebook, you realise that by posting these you are just giving these people the idea that they are funny. And that would only encourage them. And nobody wants that.What if they go on to try stand-up and the crowd gets so angry at how bad they are that they just straight up lynch them? Would you like that, lamebook?

  35. When you put it like that sleazyjesus… I kinda hope Lamebook continue to feature these crap ‘comedians’.

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