Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dorky Dominations

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  1. Class is when you’re supposed to catch up on sleep.

  2. I <3 Jose

  3. Fair fucks to Joo!

  4. Toodles was a nice touch.

  5. Tyler and Bryan sound like a couple of lovely young men, i look forward to shooting you in your pink helmet and listening to your mom wipe you tears.

  6. Halo Reacharound.

  7. Halo before Hoes, it’s true.

  8. i really feel like i can relate to these….a fact i’m a little sad about. except the asian one. and breaks. welcome to the working world :/

  9. Asian come in darn handy, don’t they? Except making one completely unable to wear eyeshadow.

  10. *Asian eyes… how did I manage to miss a whole word?

  11. *except for

    Jeez. Today is not my day.

  12. When Hunter mentioned that summer break was a cheating whore and he would never get to see her again, I would have asked him whether he was going to kill himself. Then I would follow up with some encouraging words like, “If you do it soon enough, you won’t have to put up with winter either! That bitch be cold.”

  13. Pooper?

  14. Lol at Jose and i’m right there with ya Pedanticoldgit

  15. pooper?isnt that your butt.babies come from pee holes not poop holes.

    i havent been high for like 2 days,this website blows a lot more when im not high.

  16. @ ohbaby.. her shit has to be so stretched out that it’s all one big crater by now… bung hole, love hole, one and the same.

    I saw a picture of the family once and it said, “it’s a vagina, not a clown car.”

  17. @ohbabybaby Actually, babies do not come from pee holes, either.

  18. haha sarah you beat me to it 🙂
    19 kids! they aren’t even that attractive to be all over each other and reproducing that much.

  19. Ahahahaha, ohbabybaby! You’re funny when you’re not high. Wow, delivering a baby via the pee hole – now THAT would be painful.

  20. i know they come from…baby holes..?
    @laugh.out.loud.,i heard that sometimes the skin between your vag and your butt tears & they have to stitch it back up…so what you’re saying could actually be true..

  21. I am not sure why.. but Tyler’s post amused me. Maybe I am a dorky gamer. But it made me chuckle…

  22. The first one is a Dane Cook joke, if I’m not mistaken.

  23. lol
    Tyler and Bryan need to get gamer girlfriends so they don’t have to worry about the nerd talk cockblock hahahah

  24. 22- Dane Cook made a joke of how he wants many kids and that his “wife” would just pop out babies.

  25. @#18 Actually considering that woman has birthed and raised 19 kids so far and probably never sleeps she’s pretty darn attractive in my opinion.

  26. That last one is funny. Sounds like what could happen to my little borther

  27. 24 – I assumed that joke was an allusion to the 19 Kids and Counting people. That may be giving him too much credit, though.

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