Monday, May 14, 2012

Karma’s a Bitch

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  1. Yes, she is. However, I’d remove the coins and then burn the backpack. Hell, he’s going to burn the cigarettes, so…

  2. More reasons as to why it’s not a good idea to pick up a hitchhiker…

  3. Dear idiot,

    You’re lucky I didn’t turn your skin into a new hat. Never pick up hitch-hikers. You have my backpack, I have your license plate number.

    Sleep well.

    Hitchhiker – oh and leave my backpack near your front door, and not where I’ll trip on it.

  4. 32, isn’t this a GOOD reason to pick up a hitchhiker? I’d love to make those hippies lives even worse than they already are.

  5. Maybe it’s a stolen backpack. Karma is a twisty bitch.

  6. unless you added him as a fæcebook fwiend, then he’s not even going to read this, is he?
    the only people who will read it are your mother, maybe 2 or 3 work colleagues, your widowed aunt Susan and that ex who is a bit stalky.
    (and all the collected sociopaths and forever alones who hang out here, of course.) dickhead.

  7. ^of course they added them as a friend. What’s the point of leaving the house and meeting people in real life if it doesn’t add value to your facebook friend collection.

  8. I always thought lone hitchhikers rode in the back with the other bodies…not like anyones going to miss them..

  9. MsAnneThrope, your emphasis in italics is a signature? In that case, thank you, dickhead, thank you. Now go get a big black hairy dog up your arse.

  10. no. no, it isn’t and you’re completely wrong, dickhead.

  11. Dear Facebook user,

    your letter will never reach karma victim.

    Sincerly, get over it.

  12. Last time a fucking hobo hitch-hiker stole my cigs I battered them about the head with a shovel, inserted random objects into them and then buried the evidence.

    Only joking.. I don’t smoke.

  13. you unobservant self-aggrandizing, flaming idiots are missing the key of the letter: he got the hitchhiker’s address book.

    no reason he can’t make sure that every single person in that address book hears about this.

    probably fake, though.

  14. hitchhikers on my dick,frow your pack in the ride up front, hey would you like a fag? but im not a fag, i fuck bitches.

  15. Aww MsAnne you sound just like tweetypie when you speak like that my fwiend. Do it again? Pweeeeeease?

  16. no. the moment has passed.

  17. Now you’ve ruined my day 🙁

  18. blame stubbyholder. he hurt my feelings. I can hardly bear coming back to this nasty thread.

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