Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nothing Good on TV

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  1. Would be way funnyer if it was poop!

  2. And the tv was Beatus’s face!

  3. Dammit, we can’t have nice things!

  4. This is actually pretty dangerous with a flat screen. They have been known to topple over and seriously injure toddlers.

    Safety first Claire, the washing will follow…

  5. So glad we don’t have a little shit of our own to take care of so we never have to worry about this. And people actually ask why we don’t want kids.

  6. Corporal punishment is always an option, right?

  7. Time to send this little hellion to Amish Country.

  8. Give the kid some credit… He was probably watching the Teletubbies or Barney & Friends.

  9. dat ma favrite show!

  10. I’ll make sure to call them and ask them to teach children to spell and type correctly.

  11. That kid deserves a bonafide ass kicking.

  12. I bet that kid could take a spanking better than 11 of you can take a joke.

  13. Was there a reason that Claire left the kid alone in the house while getting the wash off the line? Keeping the kid in sight would have prevented this.

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