Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holiday Planning 101

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  1. First.

    There, that taken care of.

  2. Jared, you will not be taken. No one wants your lazy, fat ass.

  3. I thought that was signed “Sarah”.

  4. Good question, I can’t read it either. Could be a u in there near the end. And a h?

  5. Well, then to add insult to injury, she’s stupid, too.

  6. Either that, or Jared writes like a girl.

  7. @Scarab83
    Perhaps “Osh” is “Dad”


  9. It can’t be a guy, not when it’s signed with a kiss. And I doubt it’s a gay guy ‘cus they’d have signed it with a rainbow.

  10. ^ or a brown kiss…

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