Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good God

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  1. fake, but i still lolled.

  2. DBones, why would this be fake? Don’t you believe God Almightly has a means to access Facebook?

  3. At 1st I thought ‘fake’ but I think Jordyn might be that thick!

  4. That’s one of the best pages on Facebook.

  5. I just started following God recently. I like His/Her page.

  6. if god were real, i would hope that’s what he would look like.

  7. Like a drawing?

  8. yes, with a facial expression that can be considered to be a mix of happy/confused.

  9. OMG

  10. God forgot to ask Jordyn for her credit card details.

  11. The book of Timothy hahahah TIMMYYYYYYYYYYYY

  12. Did you know that the part of the brain most active when people are schizophrenic, is the very same part most active in people who are super religous?

  13. OMG best one ever.

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