Monday, July 5, 2010

Holy Shit

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  1. Oh dear God.

  2. BEN

  3. Cue Dan Fargis’ religious troll-entary in 5,4,3,2…

  4. Desolation Row

    That’s what you get for having a name like Mercedes…

  5. Pedanticoldgit

    If Jesus’ last name is Christ, then God’s last name is Almighty. She just didn’t think it through.

  6. Walter Sobchak

    That’s pretty cool how in the first one she quoted what nuff said. She must be a lamebook fan. I remember when nuff said that too.

    dan_farg-is a quitter. I cleaned up my statement this time because I’m not so upset about it anymore.

    drkmage you failed you looser. get a job like your parents did.

  7. themilkmans_son

    Jews running concentration camps?

  8. nobody laughs at god in a hospital
    nobody laughs at god in a war
    nobody laughs at god on lamebook
    what does god need a last name for?

  9. Dancinganimal256

    I could see Mercedes trying to sit by corner in a rotunda.

  10. Silly african american

  11. Dancinganimal256

    by the corner*

  12. Subject Reject

    She’s not african american. She is just american.

  13. Marrying rich ha? Wow Christian lady, maybe you should change religions and just worship money

  14. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Hey, I’m sure Israel would, if they could.
    Is it really that big a leap from consistant humanitarian abuses and war crimes, to systematic genocide?

  15. Mmm, niglets…

  16. Mercedes is a fucking idiot. If Jesus’ last name is Christ and him and God are the same people, it’s God Christ. Use your fucking brain.

  17. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Hobo, I love that you tried to deconstruct the thought process of a moron who is trying to grapple with a fairy tale.

    That said, I can’t help but think ‘”God’ doesn’t have parents, nor a need to differentiate itsself from all of those other Gods within the Jeudao-Christian faith, thus it wouldn’t have any use for a surname. Not to mention that it’s name is ‘Yaweh’, it IS a God.”

    Somehow I feel this logic is beyond Mercedes.

  18. dietpillpyramidscheme


  19. This Charming Man

    #1: The “real Christian woman” that loves men “ALOT” and has “niglets” (children I’m assuming) out of wedlockh the irony. (I’m not against this before anyone thinks I am condemninng having g children out of wedlock)

    #2: Should be gassed.

    #3: I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

  20. This Charming Man

    So many spelling mistakes there, stupid i-Pod!

  21. God doesn’t meed a surname – he’s like Prince, or Madonna, or Pele.

  22. @21: Or y’know.. Moses.

  23. as a black person, i let out a huge groan and sigh as soon as i read the first four words on the first entry. facepalm

  24. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    Can’t believe dan_fargis didn’t show up for this one yet! Must be at church.

  25. that’s exactly what i thought milkman…

  26. god’s last name is dammit

  27. thepreviouspost

    i know a lot of people are really dumb. But still, i do not think you should promote your dumbness and convince people that you REALLY are dumb. Why post that, mercedes? the only reason i can think of is to try and appear intellectually curious, or witty, or thoughtful. you can now stop trying: you are just really really really dumb.

  28. Jesus is Chinese. His last name is Hong. Jesus Hong. He has no idea where people are getting Christ from.

  29. K Bradley is complaining that his “mom is a Jew” and he can’t wait to be out of the “concentration camp”. Hmmm…It would make more sense if he said his mom was German. Just a thought.

  30. I had to register just to laugh @singularity – that was my thought too!!

  31. Mercedes is a last name, not a first name. Wonder if her parents know that…

  32. LOL @ 25!

  33. “Niglet”??? That poor child.

  34. @ Dragnarok … Bahahahah! Jesus Hong….

  35. post 1 translation:

    I am a proud, albeit angry, woman of African decent, who has no fear of expressing her thoughts, most of which center around the opposite gender. My life goal is to wed a very wealthy, dark-skinned gentleman.

    The father of my African-descended children recently abandoned us, leaving us to our miserable fates. I, therefore, am searching for a suitably responsible dark-skinned gentleman to support myself and my offspring, commit to a stable relationship, and satisfy me in the bedroom on a regular basis. Now on to something completely different:

    I am a devoutly religious Christian woman, so please do not approach me unless you have all aforementioned qualities. If you don’t have them, I will, through divine inspiration, be aware of your falsehood, because I am a practitioner of all I have thus far stated.

  36. I feel like that first one is fake. “niglets” is why.

  37. I and I

  38. danielle_fargis

    Thank you rollergirl for translating. All the ii’s were making me weep.

  39. @danielle_fargis: Anytime!

    I’m a long-time lurker/occasional poster. but when I see these types of posts, I can’t help but translating them into proper English. Even if it is for my own amusement (I usually find myself more amused than is warranted, but hey, gotta get your kicks somehow).

    @freakyfox, re: #8

    don’t know who else got it, but I effing loved the Ani reference.

  40. And, by the way, who is this “Ben?”

    Just joking.

  41. with regards to the first (and many, many previous entries), why does logging on to the internet render the vast amount of the worlds’ population unable to spell? I mean, if the (young?) lady who posted the bio at the top of the page was really a “proud black biotch”, then surely she’d realise that the word is spelt “bitch” and that calling your kids “niglets” or using the term “nigger” or “nigga” is nothing to be proud of at all.

  42. @FailedJedi “biotch” is slang…ever hear Too $hort or Snoop Dogg? Us ghetto people like to pronounce shit funny…beeyotch!!!!

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