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  1. an i cant evan do the same bak to him cos hes singal

  2. Then you already have one up on him. I’m not trying to overstep my boundaries here, but from what he is saying you should be proud. Man I get the same thing all the time, you have to take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the fact that you have something that everybody wants! I am not the best looking guy but somehow I manage to get some beautiful women come knocking on my door. So I always end up seeing someone “check out”, “hit on”, and also have them told they deserve better than me. But you know what? They always leave with me at the end of the night.

    Don’t let their jealousy make you jealous.

  3. Well said Hesaid

  4. Yeh ur rite its just sumtyms i worri a bit cus i fink wat the hell is my gf doin wiv me i anit nuffin speshal an she is it dunt mak sence to me so thats y im a bit parnoyd bowt it an dunt like peple sain stuf

  5. That is the last thing you should do. Everyone is special in their own way. It is not one in a million or one in a billion. There is to many people for that to fly. You are just one of a kind and she likes you for you. I will tell you one thing you have on your side and it is defiantly humour.

    There are two things you can do to get to a real woman’s heart.

    1: Make them laugh.
    2: Is through their stomach.

    Big penis is just a plus. Even if you have one you still have to learn how to use it.

  6. yeh i gess fanks hesaidwat i no i gota stop worien so much bowt it cus i no fings like that u can make em a self fufilld profisy

  7. That is very true yoink, I went out with this guy who was constantly talking about how he was punching above his weight and was completely paranoid about every guy that looked in my vague direction, so eventually I got sick of it and got rid of him.

  8. Dan Fargis is my favourite troll. Well done, kiddo.

  9. yeh dats y i dunt say it much jus try make her no how lucki i no i am an my ex gf was oposit fing i liked her an that but want as much an she wanted me there al the tym an wanned to no wat i was doin al the tym i jus got fed up wiv it in the end so am carful not to do same

  10. Yeah, jealousy will make you lose those closest to you. Don’t let that destroy your relationship.

    @ Beatrix: Just curious, how do you punch above your weight? Also, I imagine this guy having “little man’s syndrome.” You know, the ones who are five foot four inches and ready to jump the first guy that is three inches taller than him.

  11. hahaaa fink hat y gaz tryna take me down cus he got short man sindrome loooool

  12. Poor kid. A lot of kids can’t have facebook unless their parents are on their facebook. Parents rules and all that. This kid needs better, smarter friends who know better than to post about something that will get the kid in more trouble! As for the mom, she needs to take a chill pill. Why punish a kid for porn mags? Two weeks for that? Please, what a joke! Good thing they cross out names on here, or she’d be getting the third degree from me!

  13. @ Clover: When I was younger we used to see who could get each other in trouble the most. This is typical for young children. I always lost this game because everybody had more on me than I did them.

  14. Hence the capitalization of “DUDE, WHAT ABOUT YOUR PORN HABIT?”

  15. @He said, Have you never heard that term before? Maybe it is an Aussie thing. It is an analogy, borrowed from the boxing ring, referring to a couple where one member of the partnership is more attractive than the other, the lesser attractive one being the one fighting (literally or figuratively) at a level above what they could be expected to.

    No he didn’t have little man syndrome, he was over six feet tall, however his other inadequacies probably led to his insecurity.

  16. @HeSaidWhat: I’d be finding a better class of friends, then. I have no time for people who try to make trouble for me. But then, I’m speaking from 30 years of experience… and maybe that explains why I never had that many friends as a kid. 😉

  17. It all depends on how you were raised. He felt like he HAD to do that because that is all he knows. Which is sad because that poor soul will never know empathy. I am sorry you had to deal with his inadequacies. He is one of the ones who obviously couldn’t learn from them.

  18. By inadequacies, I meant that he had “Small Penis Syndrome”

  19. 😉 Like I said he couldn’t learn from them.

  20. Or overcome it either!

  21. I do have to say, I am very much enjoying this “Swim” advertisement that keeps popping up.

  22. It is better than the six dollar shirts guy!

  23. dietpillpyramidscheme


    …I don’t have much more to add…

  24. Gazzat has narcissistic personality disorder. He is entrenched in cyber-world and he has been insulted many times by anonymous people. Gazza sees lamebook commenters as the epitome of people with an ignorance that causes them to think they are better than him.

    Gazza has created Yoink to enact some sort of revenge on his perceived insults. He laughs to himself at how so many people have been fooled by his character and hoe they think they are smarter than him. He tells himself he is superior, that they are fools, and this knowledge makes gazza feel better about himself.

    Gazza has emerged in these comments to obtain some attention for his real self. But he enjoys the attention and the feedback he receives as Yoinks more than as his real self and so he pretends to acknowledge an inferiority to other commenters and to Yoinks himself and return to a dark corner.

    Gazza can promise that he won’t reveal yoink’s real identity because he knows yoinks has no real identity.

  25. i know this is late but its weird how many birthdays are now .. my nans, my mums AND my birthday was last week 😀 and last week i posted happy birthday messages on 17 peoples wall, thats a lot lol

  26. oh and happy birthday ee, for yesterday or the day brfore or whatever, theres a big time difference over here lol

  27. Well Walter, that is a very elaborate explanation. Very convincing,a shot in the dark, though it does hold some light. I never thought I was better than him/her, but now that you mention it…

    If this really is the case, Gazza has more problems than just an inferiority complex.

  28. @ Clover: I have, there is one person that I still hang out with from school. He was always the one sitting next to me saying “Damn, we fucked up!” I have changed quite a bit throughout the years and I imagine I am not done yet. There is no more time for trouble anymore between being a single parent and holding down a 40-50 hour a week job.

  29. Whole lot of trollin’ going on around here lately…

  30. ‘go take a piss against a beehive’ is fucking awesome. I’m going to be using that a lot from now on.

  31. Lately??? There is always someone trolling in Lamebook.

  32. I thought the pencil sharpener was a pretty good one myself.

  33. @221 don’t you mean altar nuff?
    This is one funny ass, long conversation.

  34. Why would you ground for porn, the most natural thing for a young man?

    I would run away from that kind of parents.

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