Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mom is a Bit Anal

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  1. So… the daughter is apparently not embarrassed to tell the world that she find anal exciting, but terribly embarrassed to have her mom agree.
    Seems to me they both should get the hell off FB

  2. But if they did, we wouldn’t have as much quality entertainment.

  3. For starters, she already embarrassed her mom by posting that in the first place. Mom’s just getting her back for it.

  4. and secondly not EVERYTHING about anal is great… that wonderful quality of semen to act as a enema in the middle of the night.. not so precious.

  5. ^ you prefer constipation?

  6. Well, this is just terrible. Also, Odin (“Odin”? Seriously?) seems like a passive-aggressive bastard/bitch.

  7. What’s wrong with the name Odin? A Santa Claus by any other name…
    Also, I’m totally in favour of basing names on the old gods. Better than motherfucking Britney, Bella or Riley.

  8. im with you Bacchante, Odin is just awesome

  9. I knew a kid called zeus. she was pretty cool.

  10. People just have no standards anymore

  11. ^when did they ever?

  12. getting prolapsed is not a fun thing. so not everything about anal is as fantastic as she makes it out to be.

  13. Not fun for who, exactly? The prolapser surely doesn’t have nearly as much to worry about as the prolapsee. All he has to do is move in for some ass to mouth and he’s good to go. No need to get turned inside out over it. 🙂

  14. Hmm, ass grapes…

  15. there is a whole fetish devoted to prolapsed anuses.
    google image search; ‘rosebud anus’

  16. ^ Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me. (I traumatise easily)

  17. hey, it can’t be any worse than googling ‘adele’.

  18. …….will not google ‘rosebud anus’……………will not google ‘rosebud anus’……………

  19. Don’t fucking lie, we know you already did it. Hell, you’re probably on the third page by now.

  20. Haha! Fighting the urge but can’t promise anything 🙂

  21. This’d be better if it were “you are your father’s daughter!”

  22. Who comes up with these terms? I’ve seen a few asses with their insides on the outside and there ain’t nothing floral about them.

  23. Just googled “blue waffle”…i just love living in this world 🙂

  24. ^ That came out of nowhere.

  25. i feel bad for the father/husband.

  26. why? maybe he like anal, too.

  27. Somebody is pushing it up mum’s poop chute, it may as well be him.

  28. Teeko did u think that maybe sumone else wrote this status as a joke wen her Facebook was unattended…….

  29. ^ that’s most likely what happened. Also, why is it that the status is from monday, yet every one of the comments are from sunday. Strange, i assume it’s fake and there’s some reason for that.

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