Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ummm Time?

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    I can usually cum well within that 2 minute limit.

    Unless she is fat, then I have to shut my eyes and imagine I am reaming her (inevitably) slimmer and hotter sister…

  2. I usually need a long time to cum. Especially while taking a math test.

  3. TBH i cant think of a better abbreviation for cumulative. cmltv?

  4. 1-1 = raison tho. they got that one right.

  5. Freezy. Calling a little kid a stupid cunt is not cool.
    it makes you a massive cunt. And prolly fat, too.

  6. ^WTF is up with this empathy thing?

  7. Just stating a fact.
    I’m guessing Ava is probably 5 years old.
    Sneering at a little kid for trying to learn makes you…what, exactly? A winner?
    No. It makes you a massive cunt who is probably fat, probably autistic and definitely a fucking cowardly bully.

  8. Thing is, even if we do act like a bunch of cheeky pricks on here sometimes we still have standards, however low they may be, making fun of the wee ones just isn’t fun. Would you rather make a fat man weep, or make a lil’ kid cry? Children are our future, try to be a better role model and treat the little fucking monsters with some kind of decency. You don’t want them to end up like us, do you?

  9. We also don’t want them to be fat.

    “That’s why, when I have kids, every time I drive by a fast food restaurant, I’m going to punch my kids in the face.”

  10. Misanthrope: I think they were calling the person who graded the test a stupid cunt.

  11. Who the fuck gave you permission to think? Get this dog back on a fucking leash MsAnne before I put it the fuck to sleep. Bad doggy, BAD DOGGY!

  12. nice try, crane, but you don’t really believe that any more than I do.

  13. While all that is very interesting, in the most boring way possible, has anyone else noticed that the chick in the top right corner is either a) Fisting the red unicorn or b) Jacking off Harry Potter’s down-syndrome brother?

  14. ^looks like his getting his period…or some very red anal seepage.

  15. No, it doesn’t. The unicorn is nowhere near his ass. It looks like a red unicorn. The kind the teacher stamps on if the kid does well. I have a great imagination and I tried to see what you were seeing, but uh uh. Red unicorn.

  16. if you guys are jonesing for some twisted porn, i got you covered.

  17. Lol oh my word, i did not even see the red bloody blob was shaped in the form of a unicorn, my apologies.

  18. I didn’t see the unicorn until I saw your comment sababe. lol My perverted brain thought somebody drew a dick to make it look like she’s giving him a hand job.

  19. Unicorn? It’s a horse with a bridle.

  20. First of all… WTH is wrong with you FREEZY???? You are calling a child, a little girl, names???? You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Second – Its a horse people.
    Third – I posted this quiz from MY CHILD’s classroom because the title was funny, not because I wanted weirdos on the internet to call my child names.

  21. Good on ya, Freezy you dumbshit, you insulted the Mom. Interesting that Freezy’s comment has been deleted but everything else has remained…at least JandAsMom had the whole thread removed.

    sabinarichter1, I hope you’ve learned something from this, and the dangers of the internet. Oh wait, is Sabina Richter your REAL NAME?!? Hah! Some people…

  22. Richter magnitude scale; 1 = name-calling.

  23. In that case, if you think the title is funny. Look at the “sun” to the left of Ava’s name and tell me what it REALLY looks like! Come on, use your imagination..that’s right buddy, it looks like a gigantic ANUS!

  24. Capn, you watch too much porn.

  25. Nah, no pron for me Lach, just following the trend of the filthy mind that posted this to begin with. So, if I’m guilty of anything in this thread, it’s being trendy…FUCK…what WAS I thinking?! Now you guys are going to accuse me of being some kind of hipster fag.


  27. Steeeever, no, you’re not smart; you can’t even tell the difference between Sabina and Sabrina. How are you going to succeed with identity theft if you don’t have better attention to detail skills than that?

  28. holy shit, Bacchante, that’s pretty harsh.
    I thought he was doing pretty well just managing how to log on every couple of weeks.
    That kind of criticism could set him back years.


  29. What exactly did freezy say? The comment had been deleted by the time i looked at this. @masterbaiter, i agree that it looks kinda like the jacking off harry potter thing.

  30. Funnily enough Cupidstunt, Freezy called Ava the exact spoonerism of your name.
    I’m a lady though, so I don’t say cunt. (I scream it)

  31. To put it in context, he called her that for getting one of her sums wrong.
    He was trying to tell us something along the lines of:- “Look at me! I know better math than a 5 year old girl, and so I shall swear anonymously at her! Oh internets, am I not the most biggest and hardest of men?”

    But he isn’t, is he?

  32. No, MsAnne, he wasn’t and he isn’t.

    I still think that the biggest twit here was the Mom though. Self-promotion using one’s child is never cool, but it’s totally fucking stupid when you allow yourself and your children to be tracked online, by repeatedly using the same user name on ten different sites. I can tell you her current location, the last 3 states she lived in, her year of birth, her husband’s name (Joe), her other daughter’s name (Sophia), her dog’s name (Bailey) her maiden name and her gmail address. Plus, the last few things she bought on Etsy. And I’m a fucking noob at this!

    My favourite part was one of the cute quotes on her Facebook page:
    “Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire

    If she comes back here and is freaked out, GOOD! She needs to take this shit seriously! I found all of the above in about 5 minutes, and I didn’t hack a damn thing that she hadn’t already made publicly available. A stranger calling your daughter a stupid cunt online isn’t pleasant, I imagine, but pull your fucking head in, woman. You’re putting your family in danger.

  33. so it wouldn’t be cool if i went on an interstate anti-cancer rally just to stalk and kill an internet stranger?

  34. Haha! Go for it! Just do me a solid, and start with the blondes.

  35. I can’t been seen to associate with an event of that nature.
    Professional courtesy. #TeamCancer

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