Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day Wrap Up

More Mother’s Day mishaps here and here.

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  2. These people are all certifiably disturbed.

  3. Last one is fairly obviously fake.

  4. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Very, very fake.

  5. I’m so sick of fake texting posts.

  6. Justin…. fucking. ew.

  7. What is wrong with these kids?! To even think that others would find this crap funny. Justin is an idiot. Danielle just put Phoenix in her place. Obviously, that doesn’t seem hard to do.

  8. a lil monster

    I actually laughed at the first one, since if I’m reading it right, John is talking about his own mother too. Second one is pretty funny too.

    As for the last one, definitely fake. iPhone screen have a lot more vertical space.

  9. That last one made me laugh, even if it is fake 🙂

  10. Justin and John are cousins in the first post. Their moms are sisters. No biggie there cause they’re (badly) depicting their births.
    Yes it’s gross, but there is nothing in life that can’t be joked about, in due time.

  11. I honestly hope when I have children and they want to thank me for anything they leave my vagina out of it.

  12. Yeah, chapa, there’s nothing that can’t be joked about, in due time, but it helps if the jokes are funny.

  13. My mom had the lesser known b-section. Her insides were all messed up from all the inbreeding and booze, so I gestated inside her colon. My umbilical cord was her small intestine, so I had to do the pooping for both of us. I guess it makes sense that I was breech. And of course my crazy native American grandma (Aunt Sue) insisted on eating the afterbirth.

  14. That last one is obviously fake, but I still chuckled. I’m pretty sure most of the folks who posted these are fans of inbreeding.

  15. Soup – You sure that it isn’t spelled ‘Aunt Sioux’?

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