Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Brian

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  1. I think this guy has some kind of TBI. He clearly needs help with that and his drug problem, and he’s not getting it.

  2. There is such a term as jacking off. Not jaking, jacking. That is a phrase for masturbation I use sometimes. Shit, that just makes it sound like I talk about masturbation all the time.

  3. Brian, Brian, Brian.

    Where to start with this cunt?

    Well I would start by cutting his prodigious junk off and shoving it down his bastard throat, before smearing his testicles in syrup and leaving him staked out over an anthill.

    Why the vitriol? Certainly not for his way with the ladies, which i admire, nope it’s just for typing in Caps like a retarded twat bag.

  4. I thought the funniest part of this thread was the girl calling him “Brain”.
    Too bad he wasn’t killed in Iraq.
    And raped by bearded men.
    Don’t care in what order; as long as they send pictures to his mommy.

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