Thursday, April 8, 2010

Religulous Part 2

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  1. “The Catholic Church is a cult run by kid fuckers”
    Is it true? Possibly, but I would guess enough of the higher ups are innocent to make this statement false. Is it meant to cause defamation? Yes. Ergo, libel.

    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t mock the Catholic church or priests. Have fun. But remember that there is a thin line between scornful mocking and a crime.

  2. Scene: International Court

    Judge: “The court will now come to order in the case of Pope Benedict XVI vs. The Internet.”
    Baliff: “Joseph Alois Ratzinger, place your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”
    Pope: “Umm, aren’t we allowed to just affirm these days?”
    Baliff: “Sure.”
    Pope: “Ok, yes I do.”
    Lawyer: “Did you knowingly allow pedophiles to retain positions of influence over children?”
    Pope: “I plead the 5th.”
    Lawyer: “Sir, you are not in the US, nor are you an American citizen.”
    Pope: “Umm, I meant the 5th Commandment. Honor thy mother and father. Yeah. And since I control the infallible word of God, I’m kind of like your father. So go fuck yourself.”

    Lawyer: “Internet, do you have proof of Pope Benedict ever molesting a child?”
    Internet: “HE’S A NAZI!”
    Lawyer: “That’s not really relevant in this case.”
    Internet: “FIRST! LOL!”
    Lawyer: “What?”
    Internet: “COCKBAG! HAHAHA!”

    Suddenly, a blinding white light coalesces in the room.

    God: I can haz cheezburger? LOL!
    Internet: WE WIN!

  3. Its the fucking Beatles

    Soup. LMFAO! 😀 FTW!

  4. Soup, that was fucking epic. I love you… alot.

    “But remember that there is a thin line between scornful mocking and a crime.”

    actually, the line between a lame facebook post and a crime is pretty fucking huge.

    And while the higher ups may or not have done the molesting (though at least one cardinal has been caught and they are right below the pope in false idol status) is not really the point. By covering it up they aide and abet child molesters, making they themselves child fuckers by association. You could even argue that thier actions fucked over a bunch of children. Either way, CC=child fuckers.

  5. @ Kinga: Wow, one? Let’s sum that up to the millions of cases with the Catholics. I’m not against religion in any way (even though I am Atheist), I just DO NOT like their followers. Religion would not be so bad today if it were not for the followers of the religion. And do not even try to argue that point.

    BTW, Soup, you are my idol. =)

  6. Soup… Oh wow! Count me in as a fan too!

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