Monday, November 16, 2009

Well Composed, Dad


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  1. ^ yes

  2. Go Kinglsey!

  3. oops, Kingsley..

  4. ok putting myself out there to be brutally slaughtered for not knowing on line etiquette but what does FTW stand for ?

  5. and i have restricted on line acces at work so the urban dictionary is not an option …

  6. *fail*

    FTW = For The Win

  7. i should have read all the commentaries , my bad

    And thanks a lot Lajeve.

  8. He better take that Bach…

  9. Snip! said: How would you actually pronounce “Kutchyourkochoff”? Perhaps a speaker of Russian could let us know.

    you pronounce it “Kutchyourkochoff”… Unless you mean to ask how to spell it, in which case it would be “кучюркочов”.

  10. Pronunciations are usually given in IPA symbols. That’s what I was hoping for – or even a layman’s guide to how the words would sound (like “dinosaur = die no saw”).


  12. @Snip!

    Please tell me you’re being sarcastic here.

  13. Sadly not… I just have a feeling that “Kutchyourkochoff”, said out loud in Russian, would sound nothing like the phrase it is representing in English.

  14. Snip! Russian isn’t pronounced any differently. That is to say, Russian is a phonetic language. Words are spelled the way they sound. So when you pronounce a word from one language, in Russian, called a cognate, it sounds the same way (plus a little slavic accent) as it would in the original language. Thus iseedeadpeople’s translation of the word into cyrillic is pretty good. clovo k russkam

  15. #58
    LOL at that epic fail!

  16. Crap, I go away for a little while and all the funny commentors are gone. Where did all the funny comments go?!

  17. LOL, that is the greatest fucking comeback ive ever seen 😀

  18. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Kevin needs to hide.. fast!

  19. #43! Perfect!

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