Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ido Con el Viento



Kisten, we’re not exactly sure what you’re posting about but there’s something we want you to know.  Merriam-Webster defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”  With that said we’re inventing a new term … “nameism.” We believe that our names are better than yours and produce a superiority of your particular “label.” Until you get a name change, don’t make jokes about other races or groups … because your name is Kisten.

♥ The Editors

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  1. *sarcasim* Racist!? NAAWWWWW!?
    Of course if they were gone, those next few days would be better for her

  2. ahahahaha!

  3. I would guess that “the Mexicans” are kind of a joke name for some Mexican people they know that they happen to not like, not specifically because they are Mexican. Anyway, still hilarious.

  4. racism is, indeed, lame. i’m racist against her name … kisten

  5. The suburbs are clearly a great place to raise kids.

  6. Sounds like “Kisten” (???) is getting ready to rub them out. Stupid donkey Kisten.

  7. chances are she has some mexican neighbors who play that godawful ranchero music loud as fuck all hours of the day. i hate when they do that shit its so inconsiderate. i live in phoenix so trust me i can empathize with this girl.

  8. She’s not racist, she hates everyone equally….

  9. i hate it when gringos be bumpin’ ranchero music all loud as fuck all night, too!!

  10. “i hate it when gringos be bumpin’ ranchero music all loud as fuck all night, too!!”

    Ummmm… I’m pretty sure “gringo” is a deflamatory term for American used by Mexicans, not the other way around…

    Is there a lamebook site for the comments on lamebook? If so, I’d like to submit Skip’s comment…

  11. hahaha! nice one Giancario!

  12. Giancarlo, ummmm I’m pretty sure you’re an idiot.

  13. hahaha

    he said “deflamatory”. what are you, Mexican?

    “gringo” isn’t a defamatory term given to Americans solely used by mexicans. ALL latinos use that word. gabachos love that shit. nothin’ makes a white boy happier than gettin’ called a “gringo.” ask any frat boy downing a corona on Drinko de Mayo.

  14. … yeah, Kisten is lame!…

  15. She’s a TIMECIST!

  16. hahaha. TrainReq, i thought you got everything that could store information taken away from you after that Miley Cyrus incident. nice bt hack btw

  17. Skip, LOL! You’re my idol!

  18. skip, you are the lamest person on this page, even lamer than kristen, first of all gringo is not something to just go and call somebody, just like you dont go around calling irish micks, polish people pollacks, germans krauts, or africans the “n” bomb.. i would love to meet your honky ass mother that taught you this is ok and somehow made it ok in your mind to want to be called this as you down a corona.. plus corona is for pussys.. drink budweiser

  19. I don’t believe Kisten is racist, she just has a strong stance on illegal immigration.

    PS – Mexicans belong in Mexico and Americans belong in America, period.

  20. “PS – Mexicans belong in Mexico and Americans belong in America, period.”

    Wow. You are so dumb. That statement does not equate to your anti-illegal immigration stance.

    Please leave our country. Now.

  21. “PS – Mexicans belong in Mexico and Americans belong in America, period.”

    DEEE, go fuck yourself. don’t ever leave America. Keep your ass in that trailer of yours.

  22. Wait, so now they have the name Kisten? What happened to Kristen and Kirsten, and all the different ways to pronounce them? Fuck!

  23. I dislike her name, were her parents drunk when the filled out her birth certificate info?

  24. This is clearly a joke… it’s a reference to an episode of south park.

  25. Kay’s my new hero

  26. jdawg… i’ve never met a honky who didn’t like being referred to as a “gringo.” white folks love that shit… once they hear some latino calling a cracker “gringo,” they immediately feel better about themselves.

    “hmmm… ‘gringo’… i know that word! i don’t know what them mexicans is talkin about, but it’s clearly about us white folks. how fuckin’ rad, dude. once again, we’re the center of attention! white privilege rules!”

    and for future reference:

    white dude drinking a corona: honky who’s tryin’ to nail some latina’s ass to the wall. but he won’t. the brown ladies are too smart to fall for that shit.

    white dude drinkin’ budweiser: honky who’s trying to nail his own sister’s ass to the wall. and he just might succeed… if she’s also drinking budweiser.

  27. Blumpkins4McCain

    hgey jdawg, budweiser is faggot fratboy beer.

  28. HAHA !

  29. Jumpin Jack Flash

    I think the editors of Lamebook are desperate to make this and posts like it seem more egregious than they really are. The editor’s note is the very definition of lame. Good luck trying to be like failblog.

  30. That’s not racist. If Mexican were a race on the other hand…

    It’s bigotry at the very worst. But perhaps there’s a group of Mexicans who have established themselves as something of an annoyance.

    In the end, whatever. The girl doesn’t like those Mexicans. I hate Canadians. Whatever.

  31. ugh…deep down everyone hates someone…just keep it to yourself!!!
    Southpark rocks!!!

  32. The editor’s post was lamer than anything kistin said, as bizarre a name as it is. They might have been annoying relatives. Oh sorry, is it racist to call Mexicans ‘they’?

    How interesting that you allege superior names, yet fail to state them. Pre-empting our wrath?

  33. Lamebook Editors FTW! Also, “gringo” is not even remotely as offensive a term for Caucasian Americans as “pinche guero” is. “Gringo” is k-lame, but not offensive. And I’d get royally annoyed if I were ever referred to as a “Mexican” by a probable frat boy drunk or his trailer trash-named chick friend. Just because my skin color isn’t translucent doesn’t mean my parents & I weren’t born here.

  34. Kisten is a puta!

  35. Christ on a cracker

    Lots of defensive gringos here. Relax!

    Plus Mexicans are awesome, they make delicious burritos! Just go to the nearest Taco Bell, they’ll hook you up.

  36. Wow, so much ignorance. I thought Kisten was the only one, but I was wrong. Enough said!

  37. Kisten is the plural form of box in German, and it also describes her point on. This is perfect.

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