Monday, November 16, 2009

So Much Drama on the FB, See?




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  1. @O: What in the world makes you think that’s an American thing?

  2. O: It’s not an American thing, it’s a dumb person thing. I do believe dumb people are universal.

  3. To be honest, 90% of the times I have seen or heard the words “could care less”, they have been emitted by a United States of American.

    The problem is that phrase was originally intended to be sarcastic, but nowadays it’s almost impossible to detect the sarcasm. Especially online.

  4. You know what else pisses me off? This stupid jew calendar ad. I could care less about it and I should not have to see it. Hitler should have taken care of them anyway.


  6. i’d fuck the emotional detachment out of morgan.

  7. why do I get the impression that Morgan and Caleb are in an internet relationship and have never actually met face to face ?

  8. honestly I can feel where Rae’s coming from… it’s really obnoxious when you start dating someone (or finally change your relationship status) and your other facebook friends who have never met or never will meet your bf/gf try to add them. this especially applies to people in college whose friends back home or at other schools friend request their new bf/gf.

  9. @ 57. My thoughts exactly. And what she is scared of is being chopped to bits.

  10. Dear Rae’s Boyfriend,



  11. @Ribiko
    That’s not how I read it… I read it that Rae is fucking insecure and can’t deal with other girls (who he probably knows) adding him. Not necessarily people adding him BECAUSE he’s her new boyfriend. Though, people who do that are weird…

  12. I love it when people are so retarded they forget there’s an e-mail feature in Facebook.

  13. @ 62 poison_hood

    but thank god they do or we would have nothing to laugh at.

  14. For all those wondering, Morgan is a girl. And her last name on FB is the same as his, not because they’re family or actually married, but because they have been dating for a few weeks and like to call eachother “hubby” and “wifey”. I literally keep these people as FB friends just to see the ridiculous stuff they put up. -Submitter

  15. orion70,

    I think you’re absolutely right.

  16. i wish there was a lame button

  17. I think Caleb is better off without Morgan.

  18. @54
    I dunno who was posting as me, or what they’re talking about when they say “jew calendar ad”, but I liked it all the same.

  19. ^ O, there’s an advert on the right hand sidebar that keeps appearing for a 2010 calendar or nice Jewish boys. Along with an ad for a big ass hotdog (that looks like a penis). I think that’s a pretty funny piece of juxtaposition they got there

  20. *of, not or

  21. First chick is more then a little psycho. Why would you live with your ex? That is just plain stupidity!!

  22. ^ I’ve done it, and I’m not stupid.
    Don’t knock it ’til you know the reasons. Mine were financial. We were friends, it weren’t out fine. Sometimes it does. In their case, it evidently does. But don’t generalise. It’s irritating.

  23. *worked out.
    Once of these days, I’ll post without a typo

  24. *and… in their case, it evidently doesn’t.

  25. For that last post I can just hear the music cue up…

    “I don’t wanna wait, for our lives to be over……!”

  26. I may be being dumb Ridz, but… what?

  27. #2 reminds me of a girl I used to be friends with.

    She would constantly bitch about all the girls adding her boyfriend on Facebook/Bebo/whatever and flirting with him.
    If she actually bothered to look through her rose coloured glasses, she would have noticed that all the comments from the girls read along the lines of “Hi, thanks for the add but do I know you?”

  28. @ nor’n monkey – I would like to apologise for knowing this, especially as an English girl, but I think TheRidz was singing the Dawson’s Creek theme song to you and implying that there was something Creek-esque about your situation. Although I couldn’t say what was Creeky about it.

    Apologies for Dawson knowledge – I feel like I’ve let us both down… I blame my housemate.

  29. wtf is up with everyone worshipping zombie kid? zombie kid is lame and has nothing better to do than attempt to create a lame meme

  30. Zombie Kid is an old meme…. not new.

  31. Even more lame than I originally thought then.

    hitmewithyourrhythmvic – I don’t think the Dawson’s Creek theme tune was aimed at nor’n monkey, I have a feeling it was aimed at the posts. I could be wrong but it makes more sense.

  32. Whoa! That girl is so freakin’ jealous!!

  33. @ erm… yes, that does potentially make more sense. But at least I’ve explained it to the monkey. We don’t want to leave him out of the loop now, do we?

  34. @hitmewithrhythmvic and @erm
    Thanks guys, making more sense now!

    PS. I’m a girl!

  35. It’s Emmittsburg, not Emmingsburg.

  36. Yes, I meant the actual posts. Nothing anybody said here on the boards

  37. @ nor’n monkey – haha! Sorry, luv! I’ve had a couple of northern boyfriends, who always called me a southern fairy – it’s stuck in my head that all northern monkeys are boys!

  38. @ hitmewithyourrhythmvic – no worries! I’d assume the same actually. When I was in the south a guy from Yorkshire called himself northern. I pointed out that there’s “nowt more Northern than a Northern Monkey like me” (in proper Geordie fashion). However untrue the sentiment, it kind of stuck. LOL

  39. Who still uses mapquest?

  40. Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster

    I saw the “w” last names and was waiting for a post saying they were related.

  41. something about turtles

  42. @TheRidz..
    Gotta love the Dawson’s Creek reference LOL.. strange that nobody else got that.. That was the first thing that came to my mind too. Pathetic pair..

  43. @hitmewithyourrythemvic- sorry I missed your post. You too possess the 90’s-adolescence gift (I’ll let the misunderstood context slide) :o)

  44. looks like Morgan watches too many dramatic tv shows/movies…..”If you want the damn truth ill just say it! i am scared to let anyone in!! ok?! is that what you wanted to hear??”
    i lol’ed hard at that one haha

  45. Morgan just watched Rocky 3?

  46. LMAO at Morgan. Girl needs a reality check.

  47. @ Morgan, you are an inspiration… Glad your plan is working…. Ignoring people and behaving like you in bread must help the cause!!! You go girl!

  48. @97, i also refer to women’s asses as “bread”

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