Monday, November 16, 2009

What the Folks!


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  1. I like Louisa.

  2. First one seems fake, second one seems dumb.

  3. Nick is just….wow.

  4. SEVENTEENTH!!!!!!

  5. Think the first one is from Texts from Last Night

  6. Yeah, #5, you just read my mind.
    I went, “I think I’ve read that before…”

  7. Also read this on Texts from Last Night. I’ve recognised a few from there lately..

  8. ha. both awesome

  9. #5 #6 & #7 – which would make Nick, having posted it on Facebook, a lamer, yes? In which case, your complaint with it being on Lamebook would be what precisely…?!


  10. There is that Status Shuffle thing that Facebook has too. Where you can select the type of random status updates that are dirty like the first one. I think its fake……..what I mean is, I don’t think the kid had a wet dream about his mom.

  11. faaaaake

  12. Nick what the fuck indeed !

  13. go louisa. she seems nice

  14. well, i’ve had a wet dream about my mom too. don’t think it’s too uncommon, actually.

  15. Wow Joel, I don’t even think I am that sick.

    Giggity Giggity Goo

  16. Again someone stole a status from tfln, lame.

  17. Stupid Lamebook Comments

    Well HELLO! The site is called LAMEBOOK. What the hell do you expect?

  18. ( o Y O )

  19. @Joel, don’t let Quagmire get you down, it’s natural. I’ve had a wet dream about your mom also.

  20. Lousia FTW!!

  21. Saw that 1st one on earlier – fake!

  22. “did you think you were immaculately conceived?”

    Just a pet peeve, but immaculate conception is not the same thing as the virgin birth. The virgin birth was Mary getting pregnant without having sex. But immaculate conception refers to Mary herself being born without inheriting original sin (sins of the parents).

    I’m not religious, and I don’t care about this stuff, but I dislike when people misuse the term to mean virgin birth. Besides, who would have thought you could learn things on Lamebook? Wow!

  23. ^ I did not know that!

  24. That kid that hasses no name

    Louisa is a cool mom, TGG is a fine teacher but mcowles FTW! (#19)

  25. As previously mentioned, that’s one very cool mum.

  26. OY! Check out the jewish ad to the side……..don’t I look like a complete fag with my blue shirt and homosexual smile?

  27. She had sex with Voldemort, that’s about as cool as it gets!

    (Harry Potter puns, I’ll get my coat)

  28. I want to see Louisa’ pink once more >:)

  29. Joe needs to quit moving in on someone else’s girl. What a dick-move.

  30. Confused Dude really is confused – wrong thread dearie!

  31. Hahaha Mum does a good job of embarrassing her child.

    This gets five lamestars.

  32. My bet is Rowan’s father was Michael Jackson.

  33. I hate how freakin squeamish people are about how nature works. Your parents had to fuck to make you, get used to it. It’s not a big deal, we all got the same bodies, we all got the same needs, we all do what we do. Relax.

    #23-That’s really interesting, do you have a source for that information? I’d like to read a bit more about the origins of the term and how the confusion got started.

  34. #34
    I first heard of it here:
    It doesn’t give any more info than what I’ve already mentioned, but that site is an absolute gold mine for commonly misused phrases.

    Actual detail on it can be found here:

  35. I’m very confused. What’s all this with first one and second one? There is only one!
    Also, who is Nick? There is no Nick on this post!

    Louisa most definitely wins!

  36. #36
    There was another entry on this post. Someone’s status was something about having a wet dream about his mother. It must have been removed. Either the original poster saw it and asked that it be taken down, or it was determined to be a fake update from the app “status shuffle” and was then removed.

  37. Aha! Thanks @TGG, I thought I was going mad there!

  38. coolest mom o fb!

  39. The mom has a point.

  40. Ok pretty stoked on life atm!
    always complaining my friends never do/say dumb stuff to get them on
    now i no they are thanks to louisa and rowan

  41. that’s my mother, and my brother. ahaha.

  42. @falseinsanity
    Your mother rocks!
    However, are you sufficiently creeped out by your mother talking about your brother’s conception?

  43. Thanks, TGG. The second link is especially helpful. So Jesus was supposedly immaculately conceived, but that is not directly related to the supposed virgin birth.

  44. Uh I’m only seeing one picture on here, what’s everyone talking about 1st and 2nd?

  45. @Finn – see #37

  46. @nor and monkey – yes. i was. it was most disturbing.

  47. i know someone who just did this and discovered they were conceied on a siblings birthday. gross

  48. This guy was conceived two days before my birth. 😀

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