Friday, April 6, 2018

Millennials Vs Gen Z

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  1. These generation wars are pointless. All generations are chock full of pieces of shit. Case in point, the piece of shit complaining about her student loans that her parents are undoubtedly paying for. And they’re pieces of shit for raising a whiny little weakling.

  2. She got most right with the exception of working their butts off. Ironically it also defines a douche.

  3. I guess she doesn’t see the irony of complaining about her generation being negatively labeled but then does the same for the generation after hers.

  4. Yes, you’re the generation that goes in public in pajamas, had everything handed to them, can’t put enough effort into a minimum wage job to hold it, got given trophies just for showing up and think “hardship” is Starbucks getting your overpriced milkshake wrong.

    And the funny part is, “Z” even thinks you’re a bit shit. Fitting, since Z is usually being raised by grandma and grandpa in most fmailies… lol

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