Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Internet… The Movie.

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  1. Kanye West would be Facebook.

  2. So would Abe Vigoda be AOL?

  3. Betty White, google?

  4. Never mind ‘Too soon?’, how about ‘Not funny!’.

  5. What’s with these fucking stupid advertisements? I’m supposed to click on ‘Lady Gaga Is A Man’ just in case she is and I’ve not noticed how well she’s packing two balls and a cock in those American-styled flag-it-up panties?

    And the other ones… Mormon Porn? I mean, I know there is such a thing, but some turgid chap sneaking his cock end up the hemmed edge of a linen catsuit imbibed with the love of the saviour isn’t quite as exciting as… hang on… I need to fap…

  6. My question with the advertisements is about this ‘Skins’ shit. Several of the most cock-like losers lying in a pile of half naked girls? These look like the last guys who should be getting any.
    I don’t see why Twitter should be Keanu Reeves.

  7. Time to fap

  8. whatevs, it made me L …OL.

    the ads are so fucking weird/stupid on this site, i have never understood them.

  9. Why in the hell would Danny DeVito be 4chan//b/? That’s stupid.

    With regards to the adverts, I have one called ‘Army Pictures’ showing a woman in army gear pissing in a urinal. That speaks for itself.

  10. First off, I *wish* I had pervy adverts. Mine has “Saddest Pictures in the World”. What a downer!

    Secondly, Kristin Chenoweth would be Twitter if anyone would, I think. And maybe Jack Nicholson or Willem Dafoe would play 4chan: funny to hang out with on occasion, just DON’T piss them off or you’ll end up chopped to bits, one way or another.

  11. @5 I got mormon porn too…awkward?

  12. Lamebook would be played by Steve Buscemi.

  13. I’m guessing keanu is twitter because he never says more than 140 characters and danny devito because its all short fat bald guys? and heath ledger because it’s dead. He should have said Michael Jackson because Myspace was also full of kids

  14. I agree with mass, Betty should definitely be Google. She’s more badass than Freeman any day of the week.

  15. AdBlock for Chrome used to nicely block those idiotic ads. It has stopped for some reason. Those sneaky Lamebook fuckers.

  16. Ah! Right clicked and added it to the filter. Goodbye, disgusting ads, and a nice big fuck-you to Lamebook for the lamb with a human face. You sick bastard fucks.

  17. Benningtons, you are my hero, I never realized I could do that with Chrome (and since FF has been finicky with LB I am forced to use chrome for it).
    Of course now I don’t get to see mormon porn…

  18. I think Snookie should be Twitter. So many things being said, so little meaning to most of it.

    And I have Jon-Benet on my wall. It says “Guess how old she is?”

  19. [In my Simpsons Comic Book Guy voice] Stupidest. Post. EVAR!

    Did not know WTF 4chan was. Checked it out. Melikes, esp. the very porn-like stuff. xP

    @Benningtons – Ditto. Pisses me off. 🙁 Also didn’t know ya could do that! o.O

    And…as much as I dislike the post itself, I agree with Walter and itzpapa!

  20. If the Internet was a movie it would be a fuck filled, lesbo scat snuff porno.

    Lamebook would be the toothless gummy fluffer whose main job was keeping the buckets of shit warm for the real ‘actors’

  21. The Heath Ledger line was v.funny

    Google would be Patrick Stewart: knows a lot of stuff but ultimately functional and not very imaginative or interesting.
    Twitter would be Alicia Silverstone for obvious reasons (mainly because I want to jerk off while watching this movie).
    Wikileaks would be Michael Douglas because he was once involved in a ‘Disclosure’…

    congrats to the poster above for proving that the Simpsons must be scheduled at the same time as the evening news.

  22. @mad2physicist
    those skins ads make me die inside, being from the UK. MTV has ripped us off once again, the British Skins (1st series at least) was amazing and groundbreaking. It’s been copied and I expect there’ll be no originality whatsoever, they even copied british skins ad campaign! ( It may have been sanctioned by our writers, but who can blame them for taking the money. Its JUST like what happened with the Office. Watch our original series and you’ll thank me for it.

  23. Shelley, you could now read about 4chan “achievements”. I don’t read the forums at all (just…horrible), but I have read about Boxxy, that “Shit was so cash” dude who died in a car accident and etc. It’s interesting.

  24. There are two things, ginger. First, what the hell is Skins about? Because the ads make it look like it is about a bunch of wankers with girls who are way out of their league (at first I thought this was a repeat of the old MTV show ‘Undressed’ actually).
    Second, I hope your version of the Office was better than ours. I’d consider the American version of The Office to be one of the great tragedies of human history. I can’t think of a single redeeming feature. I’d rather watch Twilight and a Bieber video.

  25. wtf? Both The Office’s are great.

  26. 1. both The Office series *are* great. as far as the american version goes, you either like comedy that dry and awkward or you don’t. there’s really no in between.

    2. they say morgan freeman should play google because morgan freeman is known for playing god or god’s voice in movies. so google = god. which makes sense. a lot more sense than betty white, although i love her to pieces.

    3. the ads on this site are some of the most retarded, non-sensical crap i’ve ever seen. and i think lamebook thinks i’m a dude with all the weird porn-esque pics with unrelated captions.

  27. I believe it is the awkwardness that makes me dislike the Office. That and the fact that none of the characters draw me to empathize with them. And the situation is perhaps the most mundane and boring imaginable.
    I realize of course that this is a matter of taste, and on this matter, as on the question of the usefulness of spinach, my taste is correct.

  28. *is Director*

  29. I keep getting the mormon porn one too! And the awkward chinese people one…no me gusta.

  30. I lost interesting reading “Brandy Alexander”‘s posts. Is she B-Hobo’s alt?

  31. ^after

  32. mad2physicist and shelley: glad I could be of assistance! And my advice: stay the hell away from 4chan. If you want to see why, check out Major WTF under Most Popular on the right of this site. They, /b/ I mean, did that to that poor kid. “Hacked” his account and posted how he fantasizes about fucking babies. Read the comments all the way down for the full story…

    Although, Project Chanology is v. cool.

  33. goddamn the ads are back! Come on adblock, get onto it!

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