Friday, December 17, 2010

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  1. Damn it all. I was a little drunk and tired last night so went to bed and missed all the fun! I want to see that page *stamping feet*.

  2. i wanted to see it too but i ALWAYS seem to be just a little late.

    @brunette…yeah i’m a chick, but just let me say, youre fuckin hot.

  3. Yes, thank-you soup and stretch for those links… @ brunette, you’re way hot.

    word, I hope you still get to see this before you leave here… thanks for being you, and all the best over the Holidays to you and yours!

  4. does anybody remember the name of the page where the people tricked a gay guy by writing him a letter saying that a (fake) guy wanted to meet him somewhere. The guy went there, and there was no one there. Anybody remember this?

  5. I am going to give Lynsey the benefit of the doubt and assume she has an old ass TV. My DVD player has colored cords,but my TV doesn’t have colored ports. It still doesn’t take too much effort to figure it out, but still. I am going to hope she’s not that dumb.

  6. Sigh. I’m the one that got the one of Jess and her husband submitted to have a kid. Now I feel like a dick cause she’s all sad. Hahahahah dammit!

    Oh well. For the lulz, eh?

  7. This is the 2nd person on my friends list that I’ve had submitted onto here and all I’m doing is pissing people off lol. Thank god know one knows I comment on here or who I really am! I would probably get the shit beat out of me. Oh well. They shouldn’t post stupid hilarious shit on FB in the first place.

  8. @laugh.out.loud, I’m Emily. I went looking for the page and its GONE or Im blocked, so I came on here looking to see what happened. I should’ve saved that picture its was hilarious!!!!!!!

    I LOVE LAMEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I dont know nic…but i do know that if i ever met him, I would hate him.

  10. @invaderweezle,
    I think this is the one you’re talking about…

  11. lol @ Lulz

  12. I think southernbrunette looks pretty.

  13. sigh, i always miss the fun.

    but some good did come out of it. I too own the red shoes in brunette’s Whoremas picture and I think I might wear them tonight.

  14. Haha! I love those shoes. Wear them tonight and spread some holiday cheer, and may every one have a Merry Whoremas!!

  15. Bruette don’t you realize that this is the internet and it’s reserved for ugly people? what are you doing here?

    The only thing to do is try and turn you into an aging stripper like we did with shinsplints up there. Hows that working out shin? I assume the winter months are keeping you in shape as planned?

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I found the wedding picture but my last 5 comments are awaiting moderation so I cleaned up the language and still going into medration seems like anything I say now is going into moderation.

  17. Oh man you guys I started some shit lol. The dude thinks it was his brother that got it submitted on here and now they’re in a huge fight and his status says that he’s gonna kick his ass on Christmas. hahahah goddammit. you guys! i didn’t want you to like their page and say all that shit!

    ohhhhh well. that’s what i get.

  18. wait, are you friends with this guy lulz? you don’t actually know him do you?

    What’s christmas without a good family beating?

  19. Lulz, your dedication to our amusement is commendable.

    If it’s any consolation, I’m sure that the they’ll make up, and the brother will be so moved by the plight of the dude and his wife, he’ll offer to pay for the procedure. Fortunately, the dude is so dumb that he will probably end up getting a mastectomy. It’ll be a Christmas miracle.

  20. Luls, please..screen shots of the fight. I’m so bored on this Sunday night.

  21. Yes. I know the girl. We went to school together. I will screen shot some of the stuff and post it… hold on.

    And only cause you’re so sexy, southernbrunette. And I’m not even a lesbian.

  22. I posted 2 links but they are waiting moderation. Hopefully they post!

  23. I love all my new bi-friendly girl friends. haha. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see, this couple oddly intrigues me.

  24. Those fools!

    For half the stated price, i would mount his house sized wife and hose her crinkly cock cavern down with my incredibly potent sex wee.

    It would not be the first time i’ve fuckwrestled a hippo for cash.

  25. Missed all the fun, damn me for having a social life.

    Mofo, you crazy motherfucker, nailed it once again.

  26. Paranoid, we always seem to miss the good stuff. You think these guys wait for us to leave? Hmm maybe they’re trying to tell us something.

  27. Meh, we can always look forward to some mind-blowingly funny puns.

  28. sexclamationpoint56

    im pretty sure like the first thing u learn in school is how to read clocks and how many hours are in a day and how many days are in a week. I guess Nic’s parents were too busy pounding back vodka and watching soaps to take him to school that day

  29. LOL that will teach me to try and find the page before reading all the comments. HATE I missed it. Nice pictures btw southern!

  30. @nexus
    yes, that was it

  31. Damn, I’m even later to the party than Curly and P.A. – damn work expecting me to do stuff. I can only see the Palin pic Brunette but I have to agree with the consensus on you being a looker. The whoremas pic is even more intriguing now…

  32. …the fuck?

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