Thursday, October 28, 2010


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  1. Waiting for the funny still.

  2. lulz

  3. i didnt mean that

  4. Idiots on parade.

  5. All American i see – people like that unjustly ruin the image of a whole country, lul.

  6. Why,Why,Why…. Has any of these people heard of separate status updates.

    I like fat chicks and I also like rubbing myself up against Brazilian tourists… Oh yeah i almost forgot, R.I.P Nana

  7. Meh…

    What does she mean by her “1st 4 loko” in the 1st one?

  8. @Mama2One
    According to urban dictionary and wikipedia, it’s a drink.

    “extremely high abv (11/12%) caffeinated malt beverage that one ups its predecessor sparks both by coming in 23.5oz size and containing nearly twice the amount of alcohol. perfect for pregaming, but can easily result in blackouts and various kinds of embarrassing behavior.”

  9. Ohhhh…never heard of it before…an American drink I’m assuming!

  10. Death be crazy.

  11. For some reason lame book only posted half of my previous comment.. (confused look).

    It’s like were halfway though talking to their mates and someone tells them their relative has died and instantly goes R.I.P (whoever) and then carries on talking about the previous subject.

  12. Fart on a duck

  13. “B.T.W. R.I.P.” should have “W.T.” added in there somewhere because that’s what these people are.

  14. I hope Taylor got laid with a chick he picked up at his grandfather’s Irish-style funeral where he also got hammered.

  15. When overcome by grief it is easy for people to forget the social norms and act unusually especially when it is a loved one who passes away.

    I still remember, my own deep sadness, anger and sorrow when my grandparents shuffled from this mortal coil.

    They hadn’t left me a penny the tight bastards.

  16. Maybe Mike Mission killed Ryan’s gram gram?

  17. Hmmm isn’t Jon’s just sad? Lame how? Or am I missing something?

    BTW Imamofo – I managed it home safe tonight, avoiding all taser carrying pervs.

  18. Hmm, am I the only one on LB that gets drunk after funerals too? The last 2 are the lame ones.

  19. I haven’t been to a funeral since I was a kid, so I’m waiting for the next person to go so I can polish off a 40 and get smashed. I mean, not like I need an excuse, but if I want to get alcohol poisoning, it better be worth it, lol

  20. i feel bad for jon. he should get hammered too.

    4 lokos are sick (in the bad way, not, like, sick brah!)

    and the last funeral/memorial i went to (in june) was immediately followed by a rest of the day and night of drinking.

  21. Meaghan is dead drunk, it appears.

  22. @ Shinsplints… at least you went to the funeral FIRST, right?

  23. Still waiting for humor…

  24. Wait, an RIP post without Katie or whatever that bitch’s name is? Color me surprised.

  25. Wait, is this all different posts? This can’t be the same funeral…

  26. I wonder what crazy shit Jon’s gramps had to be talking to get a punch in the face…perhaps senility?

  27. That gramma dead!

  28. I realize this happened awhile ago, but Meaghan is in my college town, and there are two bars directly beside and behind the Funeral Home. In fact, when the ‘classier’ bar hosts a party, they rent the parking lot from the Funeral Home. It’s a little weird, I know. Hate to ruin your day but she’s probably not drunk at a funeral, lol.

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