Thursday, April 8, 2010

Portrait of a D-Bag

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  1. Is this the famous Ben? He must have some serious self esteem issues to be ragging on his own photo like that. I guess our worse critics really are ourselves, huh?

    BTW, all of these pictures make my vagina get up and run away. I hate guys who want talk like they want to boink their own reflections. ICK. *shudders*

  2. I have an extra “want” somewhere in there. I hope it didn’t destroy my point. Just in case, here it is: I hate douchebags.

  3. o.O

  4. oh geeeez. Art kid goes to my school…

  5. the essay sounds super douchey because the project was to make a piece of “art” (how vague) and write a rationale. i don’t know why he posted his rantionale as his caption, but that’s just me being annoyed.

  6. Dude… what the fuck? Why did artdouche have a hickey on his forehead? On his FOREHEAD? God, that just makes it even douchier.

  7. I just have to say that the comments I read here at Lamebook are much more amusing and witty than most of the content. Y’all make me smile and brighten my day. Thank you. 🙂

  8. I instantly defriend anybody who takes pictures of themselves. Like how fucking narcissistic can you get? And you know those aren’t the only ones they take, the ones we get to see are just the lesser of 500 evils.

  9. p.s. I bet the Mika douche at the top could teach me a lesson or two on taking cock up the ass.

  10. I am too distracted by the last one’s pigeon chest to read all them words underneath. The smallest pecs I have ever seen.

  11. #1~ this make my vagina implode upon itself, then create a massive swirling vortex of Hell itself, releasing damned souls upon the Earth..
    #2 lame, he/ she got a swift kick in whatever genital applies to them after their friends/ random people in public who recognized them saw this.
    #3, please see 1. add to that Jesus coming back and smiting me in the worst way possible, thus righting the world once again.

    Soup, BritishHobo, word, mcowles, and slimjayz, <3 ya'll. (I'm one of the intelligent Southerners, we can get away with ya'll) your comments are always the most epic. you could probably find the cure for cancer in one of those, someday.

  12. makes**

  13. Power stance guy is obviously fucking around. I thought it was pretty funny.

    3rd guy (Brandon Boyd wannabe) is like so many people I know, and I want to set them all on fire.

  14. @Its the fucking Beatles – comments…it’s a comments section you dumb prick

  15. #1. Wow… just wow… what a fugly narcissist douche… and come on… lip curling?… that’s not sexy.

    #2. Power stance dude gets a win in my book. Keep on rocking in the bathrooms dude, I salute you.

    #3. God… what a cheeseball, slapping around shit in photoshop is NOT art. It’s AT MOST a collage… and a very crappy one, and yeah collage CAN be art… but not when a 3rd grader can do better.

  16. you guys are mean. these dudes seem like outstanding citizens!

  17. Its the fucking Beatles

    Ben. There is making comments and there’s talking utter shite. And you sir, definitely fall into the second catergory. Now go and grow a pair you tool.

  18. Motion City Soundtrack dude looks like Malachi from children of the corn.

  19. D-bag #4: Ben

  20. The first one spelled nightmare wrong…

  21. Thanks Keona 😀 I wish I could use y’all without sounding like a wannabe American 🙁

  22. @Keona: Intelligent Southerners know it’s y’all, not ya’ll.
    Here’s a quick grammar lesson for you:
    In layman’s terms, when you take something out, you put an apostrophe in. For instance, do not becomes don’t.
    Do not –> donot –> don t –> don’t.
    It is –> itis –> it s –> it’s.
    You all –> youall –> y all –> y’all.

    …I love you. But please spell y’all correctly. Otherwise, the troll awakens. Thank you for your time.

  23. Oh, and before you comment on my username I’m just using one from BugMeNot because I don’t have a WordPress account.

  24. @BritishHobo: you’re welcome.
    @Retard: lol, I don’t judge based on something like a username. it was getting late and there was bound to be a screw up or two) I think I’m doing pretty well after being out of HS for awhile, I have friends that absolutely kill grammar. if they don’t keep up proper pronunciations/ spellings/ etc, they will continue to forget.
    …I love you, too.

  25. Is that a kodama from Princess Mononoke on Wulf’s shirt? Sure looks like one!

  26. @Gwydda: I think it’s Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Also out of all the bands you could choose from Motion City Soundtrack changed your life? Dang son, how do you keep it so real?

  27. You’re typing it wrong.

    “As I was creating this piece of shart”

  28. I have been checking lamebook on a daily basis for sometime now and it still ceases to amaze me how many people take their profile pictures in public washrooms. Do these people not have homes?

  29. Do I attract you? No.
    No I repulse you with me queasy smile? Yes.
    Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty? Yes and yes.
    Do I like what you like? I like women, so the answer is probably no.

  30. Hahah I definitely go to the same school as the last guy…Columbia College Chicago. I didn’t have to take that class b/c I was a transfer, but I’ve heard its the dumbest class on the face of the earth. In our defense, a lot of the art produced by the students is actually really amazing. Sadly, this is obviously not an example of such.

  31. kyle is special, from his underdeveloped pecs to his enormous head and the strange pink parrot he keeps upon his little shoulder.
    he says he has photoshopped his hickey out but look, it is still there, right below the first ‘o’ in ‘someone’.

  32. The third guy obviously got the hickey from doing 69 with some other dude, the other guys clean shaven balls working as a plunger to his forehead.

  33. just so you guys know #3 slapped it together NMS is a bs class so this really reflect nothing on who he is…
    he’s amazing…he’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet
    and i know this is meant to be funny so w/e
    he’s not a player by all means
    he’s not a douche
    he’s actually a really good photographer
    he spelled happiness wrong on purpose
    so maybe you guys should get to know someone before you judge them <3

  34. holy shit i cannot stop laughing at the POWER STANCE, Y’ALL


  35. lol………the art peice…

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  36. I am seriously hoping that as I continue to read my way through dozens of LB pages, that God will liquidate her assets so I don’t have to see that notice, bad spelling, and lame comments under each and every entry.

  37. Back when I was a wee lad, Wendy’s had Happy meal toys for Mighty Mouse that were the characters with suction cup bases. Around 7th grade i was going through some stuff as i cleaned my room and found one and stuck it on my forehead and forgot about it. I got to hear Vacuum cleaner jokes for the next week and a half.

  38. Omg…that looks my stepbrother…

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