Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not Standing Room Only

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  1. I broke my foot a few weeks ago and oh my lord, old people on the bus are really judgemental and asshole-y about the disabled person seats.
    Yesterday I was sitting on the seat next to the window and had my crutch next to the window so that other people couldn’t really see it. This old, fat lady comes to sit next to me, giving me nasty stares. Then when my stop is coming up I say “Excuse me, this is my stop. Could you excuse me?” What does she say? “Oh, it’s difficult for me to move and I’m getting out the stop after yours; I’m sure you can walk from there, so that I don’t have to get up for no reason.”
    I stared at her for a little while and realized she was actually serious. I then lifted my crutch and said “Yeah… considering the ball if my foot is broken, I can understand the whole difficulty to walk part.” And suddenly she has no problem moving at all. Felt like hitting her with my crutch.

  2. this lady most definitely is a liberal

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