Monday, August 9, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

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  1. hah The hangover! Love that movie!

  2. almost ben?? 😛

  3. i think the first two have set new lows for lamebook. the last one was alright though

  4. I sincerely hope we’re supposed to be laughing AT David for making such an asinine comment, not with him.

  5. maybe he comes under the ‘loose some’ heading

  6. Ah sorry but can someone please explain to me what Tonys post means and/or why it’s funny?

    Lamebook has failed hard today…

  7. think what tony could be looking at for long enough that the screen saver turns on, and judging by todays form its most definitely not lamebook.

  8. Wow, these are really bad. The only one remotely funny is the exchange stolen from a movie.

    Any why is it no one who makes fun of masturbation knows how to spell it??

  9. Naturally I misspell the easy word “and” in a post complaining about spelling. 🙂

  10. Masturbating on an airplane is only illegal if you ejaculate more than 3 ounces.

  11. The Hangover is such a good movie…can’t wait for the second one.

  12. Erm silfurkex don’t you mean ‘ass nine’. My god those people quoting The Hangover couldn’t spell worth shit. The Smart Car one was alright, the rest are just a bit meh.

  13. so many people in my neighborhood own a smart car… i don’t really understand the point. just buy an electric.

  14. Smart cars are so funny looking. They’re like cars for midgets. I can’t take a person seriously when they drive it.

  15. Drake can’t even spell his own name.

  16. Oh Sensible Madness

  17. Masturbating so long the screen saver on your computer comes on…

    Been there, done that.

  18. It took me forever to figure out what the hell “Fround up on” meant.

  19. How would you know that Sensible?

  20. I miss the days when a Lamebook update meant massive arguments between couples and their various hate-filled chav siblings, not just some people that can quote The Hangover.

  21. dirtylittlepretty

    Brian-tok? ..but in all fairness I love it when the stroke sets me free too.
    Drayke-‘fround up on’ gave me a mental snicker (does that count as ‘almost laughter’)
    Drayke’s friends-twits
    and lastly..I didn’t like that Tony chooses to call it a ‘whack’

    @Sensible M. Ha!

  22. Tony, it depends upon how long the delay is set for the screen saver…

  23. “fround”…”masterbating”…”alot”
    (Of course, spelling seems to be the least of Aaron’s problems.)

  24. I feel like I’ve heard/read the fourth one before. Perhaps minus the spelling errors.

  25. Waiting for the clock to stroke? Good one Brian -r/tard

  26. I think this is the only relevant URL I can think of

  27. @gwang… it’s from the hangover

  28. the last one made me laugh out loud.

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