Monday, August 13, 2012

John’s Car

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  2. This is real.

  3. too funny for words! lmao

  4. Holy shit, Stever is back… where’s Ben?

  5. Love it.

  6. What’s Maccas?

  7. Fuck you.

  8. Fake you, Nails, fake you!

  9. So he got food twice?

  10. it’s slang for mcdonalds.

  11. Almost certain that 95 percent of this is embellished bull crap. Please, with any bullshit this lengthly, feed it to an actual human face or set up a blog if you can’t/won’t find one. Not for facebook.

  12. #11 goodgodno

    Cool story bro.

  13. nice but fail

  14. it would have been funnier if john screamed out “fuck you! no bastard coppers gonna take me alive!” and then rammed his jeep straight into the side of bryan’s car.
    and then got out and shot bryan through the fucking head.

  15. ^ If that happened, you wouldn’t be reading about it here.

  16. ^for the sake of discussion, a spectator could have posted a similar version 🙂

  17. Excellent! More Australian content please.

  18. same thing happened to me the other night.
    playing BB poker against “johnsgirl” and i told her to send my regards to John.

  19. Haha! It’s funny because they don’t have cars or McDonalds in Australia yet!! A bit like Olympic Gold medals really when you think about it.

    Don’t get all snippy Aussies, I’m only joking… I know you have loads of McDonalds.

  20. but olympic gold medals mean so much to the cultural identity of…fuck all, really, it’s a load of balls.

    nationalism in ausfailure stinks of jingoistic wattle-printed tea towels, and cork fucking hats. stuffed bloody koalas and just fucking kill me now. bogans draped in flags with their faces painted like a horde of fucking savages – screaming out to the alphabloke drug-&-women-abusing thugs fighting the highly stylised and ritualistic modern warfare of sportsmen.

  21. Fuck you, t2000. Fuck you and die a lonely, 50-yr old, mama’s-basement-dwelling IT guy who thinks he’s a fucking robot, and won’t let that shit go. Oh, how fucking creative, you made a new login and put a fucking 2 there instead of a 1, and called it a fucking up-goddamn-grade.

    Okay, I’m better now.

    And @goodgodno, who fucking cares? I mean, it could be fiction as shit, but it’s still funny.

  22. ^Agreed. That shit is annoying.

  23. ^ I just laughed out loud from hating you. God, I mean how many fucking numbers are left for you to create new logins with?
    I swear on all that I know you’re as annoying as kids aged 3-7… maybe 8.

  24. @MsAnneThorpe

    Most of our animals here can kill you this is our only claim to fame. That and we have a redheaded Prime Minister with no soul.

  25. ^ So what if your Prime Minister can’t dance? Most politicians can only dance around the question.

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