Monday, August 13, 2012

Spell Check

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  1. Its just unreal how stupid humans are.

  2. *it’s ….sheesh

  3. Minnesota… figures.

  4. fuck

  5. all

  6. of

  7. you

  8. ^ fag.

  9. Actually, Ivan is right; collage is important. I recently made a collage of all the women I’ve had sex with. It was basically a bunch of pictures of my cousins and Rachel Maddow.

  10. Why would someone replace the V8 with a VTech engine in a Bowler?

  11. I’m pretty sure Travis was being facetious. I’m also pretty sure you can’t ‘ almost literally’ do anything unless you’re in a C.S Lewis novel.

  12. the cliff notes on this post;-

    ‘people are fucking stupid.’

    there’s a complete shocker for you.


  14. fake and gay

  15. I’d like to touch Oscars’ screen.

    With a fucking pool ball in a sock.

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