Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Posted Problems

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  1. Steeeeeever?

  2. #2 was on Texts From Last Night the other day. FAIL.

  3. By the way, how about those of you who type ‘steeeeeever’, ‘ben’, ‘first’ and other mindless bullshit say something that actually pertains to what is posted? Who really gives a fuck if you are first besides you? Are you 11 years old?

  4. throwingtofu- Pretty sure you just answered your own question.

  5. Shame Emily didn’t use her brother’s Axe hair stuff – there could have been some girl-on-girl hair action going on.

  6. I have been tempted to get Axe body wash. That stuff smells so good.

  7. throwingtofu – kinda funny, because I submitted #2 to lamebook. It was definitely a Facebook convo between 2 friends and not a text. And if it were a text, it wouldn’t have been from (425).

    So TFLN is the fail for taking FB posts and pretending they are texts!

  8. @ #3 and #4… perhaps you’re annoyed because you never get the “honor” of being first commenter? it IS quite a treat. also, i feel YOUR first comment, tofu, only pertains to your douchery.

  9. #3 you a lil’ frustrated because no one is catching your tofu?

  10. Axe body wash is a vile mix of chemicals sold to you at 1000% mark-up. Don’t waste your time. Why not just perfume up some PCB’s and anthrax, it’s cheaper.

  11. @10
    They’ve done studies you know, it works 60% of the time..every time.

  12. i like my men to smell like men…dried blood from fist fighting, sweat from working hard, and moth balls. because he lives in the closet.

  13. @jon jones, hahahaha.

  14. I like an Irish Spring man myself. @charlieg- i like ‘srsly sorry’ too. just another place to procrastinate.

  15. Wow! Jessica found at she was pregnant in the same piss soaked toilets that the little spunk seed was conceived in!

    What were the chances of that you little Glory Hole Guzzler?!

  16. I hate it when people just post sh*t from TFLN.

  17. Charlie and sarah are obviously the same person, stop spamming srslysorry that website sucks. I’d rather go to a website where they just have pictures of people pretending things are their genitals.

  18. @gwoodard8 – But that was actually on Facebook! I submitted it! TFLN ripped it off of FB and made it look like a text!

  19. A lot of times my friends post funny TFLN to each other’s walls.
    SO maybe Peter saw it on TFLN and thought that Bob would appreciate it, then Robert saw it and didn’t know it was a TFLN and ended up sending it in.
    That way, everyone’s right! It was a TFLN, and it was on FB.

  20. So…Emily smells like Justin Bieber?

  21. @xphile, she said 12 year old *boy*.

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