Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It’s a Family Thing

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  1. peeverrrrr

  2. So funny i pissed peever myself.

  3. I don’t want to live in a world with people as stupid as Melissa (or Peever)

  4. Stupid is relative.



    i’d tap that

  6. Hey, the peever twat is back.

    #5….”DAED”? you’d think the sheer number of times you’ve typed that same stupid name would ensure you’d get it right.

  7. wtf is a stever?

  8. I believe Melissa is joking. Right…? I’m still slightly suspicious that people are that stupid.

    Can anyone guess Joy’s age? I’m trying to, but can’t.

  9. Melissa is joking – I’ve heard that one many times. Even saw it on a tea towel about 20 years ago (as part of a “letter from an Irishman” joke).

  10. @Acidlotion, a “Stever” is almost like a “Dirty Sanchez”, but with a full “Cleveland Steamer” involved.


    BEAVISANDBUTTHEADAREDEAD i’m barel’y literate as i speak uh huh huh huh

  12. Agreed – Melissa was definately joking. It’s the sort of bad joke I’d make.

  13. Dan is lying.

  14. @Milo. Based on Joy’s slut factor, she likely conceived her daughter at an early age – I’d say 15 years old. Since her daughter has a Facebook account and seems able to use it but is still too naive to not be embarrassed by her Mother’s public display of blubber, I’d guess Shantel is about 11.

    Joy is about 26.

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