Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wins About Women

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  1. slappin’ the bass?

  2. dit suck… eet jou ma!!

  3. Dakota actually made me loq.

  4. The Rachel one is so stupid on so many levels it gave me a headache when my eyes rolled back in my head. Rachel–you are a sad douche.

  5. The Rachel one was hilarious. People pronouncing ‘ask’ as ‘axe’ drives me nuts.
    Unfortunately, she loses points for the fact that OJ’s wife was not killed with an axe.

  6. Good one Kailey.



  8. they’re ‘daed’?

  9. Whose OJ?

  10. velocirrober – Who’s to say anyone owns him? Do any of us truly belong to someone?

    Kailey – worst comment ever for buying into it.

  11. Milo – you mean “Whose to say?”?

    I’d say, my to say.

  12. Velocirrober: YOU mean “Who’s to say?” Who+is= Who’s.
    “Whose” is possessive. Milo was right. 🙂

  13. I renamed myself “I don’t care”. Because I don’t.


    BEAVISANDBUTTHEADAREDEAD yeah daed uh huh huh huh

  15. guster and Milo… I knows… I’m just following the Lamebook trend… “retart”, “whose”, “their”, “your”, etc… Get it?

  16. I is exhausted…

  17. Everyone knows whose OJ…

  18. wasn’t my OJ…

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