Friday, August 10, 2012

Holier Than Thou

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  1. Is this lady serious? Or is she trolling?

  2. I had a three way with the two Julies.

  3. Remember Jason’s Monster fail? I wonder what that dude is doing now?

  4. Holy Cow

  5. Too long to read.

  6. Hey Julie 1, 1950 called, they want their idea of “swearing” back. What’s next? Can’t say shucks, jeez, gosh, darn, stinks, gee wilikers, etc.?

  7. I wonder if Julie’s children are the ones that sat at the special kid lunch table in elementary school.

  8. I am 100% sure she home-schooled her kids.

  9. You’re lazy Eric. Cliff Notes: Julie is offended at the use of Holy Cow in a cheese ad. She bitches at them and they give her a stock corporate response. Then Julie stabs this one guy. But he survives and drags himself to the nearest hospital. He gets put into ICU for a week. I’ll the while he remembers her face and plots his revenge while he’s recovering. After he heals and is released, he buys a house out in the country, but it turns out, it’s a zoo. He fixes it up, and takes in orphaned animals. But we never find out what happens to Julie. Some people say she can still be seen in the windows of Cathedral City, but most just write that off as an urban legend. I guess we’ll never know.

  10. Fake

  11. @ Todd
    Comment is too long too

  12. Okay story, todd, but that was just as long. Or maybe in an ironic way, you meant to do that.
    I mean, HOLY PIGSHIT Batman!!

  13. I fucked Julie. Holy cow that was a loose pussy.

  14. Julie is my niggah. She free based some serious shiznit off my belly, then worked her way down and blew me hard likez a goodz bitches. When I blew me load I screamed “Holy cow” and she slapped my profane ass. Then I donkey punched her as I anally raped her. Then we had tea. There was scones. It was very nice.

  15. I fucked a cow.

  16. Robin didn’t say “Holy Cow.” He said “Holy” everything else, like “Holy popcorn” or “Holy clockwork” but not “Holy Cow.”

  17. @Todd, moral of the story: Get rid of cable.

  18. Gotta be part of those One Million Mom’s dumb asses. They are always trying to get some commercial or TV show taken off, or boycotting some business. I feel for those women’s husbands cause you know those prudes gotta suck in bed.

  19. If they suck in bed, their husbands should consider themselves lucky. Not every woman does that.

  20. #18 – You’d be surprised. Once you lock the door and unwrap a prude, she can be absolute dynamite in bed.

  21. #20 Well I hope they are because if you have ever read anything by those crazy bitches that could use a good screw! They got mad at JC Penney because they had lingerie on their web site. Just picture of it. They called it porn. If that was what they consider porn I could show them some porn that would give them a heart attack.

  22. holy cow fail

  23. #15, by any chance was it an Evil Cow? 🙂

  24. Holier than cow……

  25. Fuck off.

  26. Robin said ‘holy cow’ because he was the victim of a destructively pederastic relationship. this is documented fact.

  27. Sinister Purposes

    I bet this prude has no idea that cows actually are holy for Hindus. But hey, belonging to a different denomination must be the worst sin there is.

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