Friday, August 10, 2012

Mixed Signals

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  1. when do the funny posts start?

  2. After this one… I promise.

  3. Women are also like wi-fi in that neither should be allowed to vote.

  4. Women are like Wi-Fi in the sense that one of my fucking neighbours keeps getting on mine for free whenever my backs turned.

  5. women are like wifi, cost me 70 bucks a month for shitty services

  6. Women are also like this post in the sense that they both are fake.

  7. Why the hell do chicks post stuff like this?

  8. Sometimes, when you’re desperate, you pay by the hour for the chance to connect to Wi-Fi.

  9. Women are also like Wi-fi in that I punch both of them when they go down on me.

  10. ^^^ That’s not very nice. There’s no excuse for Wi-Fi violence.

  11. Wi-Fi, make me a sandwich.

  12. Women are like WiFi, their heads are in the Cloud.

  13. My phone’s wifi doesn’t always connect to the strongest one. It only connects to the ones I tell it to, and it remembers those connections for the future.

    @John Wayne, why are you paying $70 for wifi?

  14. the cheap Wi-Fi could have viruses!

  15. wi-fi fail

  16. Sometimes when mine goes out I hook up with my neighbors wi-fi 😀

  17. Exactly you dirty little whores.

  18. only virgins could compare wireless connectivity to a person. ya’ll are fucking liars.

  19. I just think its funny that no one has called this Gene person out who stated that bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time. Bluetooth can actually connect up to 7 devices at one time, it’s known as a pico net. Just kinda bugs me when people make uneducated statements about things in my field. XD and yes, I am a huge jackass for those who are wondering.

  20. ^then act like it!

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