Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Target

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  1. Does Ellix really think that Walmart gives a fuck as to his opinions?

  2. Walmart doesn’t have any fucks to give. They don’t sell them, yet, either. Perhaps you should make that suggestion and get back to us.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    Not bad. I laughed.

  4. Actually gained a tiny little bit of respect for Walmart for this one.

  5. People that shop at Walmart are morons.

  6. What the fuck is this? Reddit? Fuck off, ill shove that thumb right up your ass’s.

  7. I fucked Ellix in a Walmart bathroom.

  8. Fake!

  9. The only targets I’m bothered about are spunk targets and they don’t sell them in Walmart.

    They sell them in Eastern European countries and Thailand.

  10. wallmart full of mysterious failures

  11. Walmart is where I met my Aunt Darlene. We now have 3 children together

  12. ^ Wait… Darlene? Darlene Rex!?
    Those aren’t all your kids.

  13. Shut the fuck up.

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