Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ebony and Alimony

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  1. Dawn of the Dan


  2. I see what they did there. Love is blind.

  3. toddvanhamburger

    This post is outta sight!

  4. Lamebook, I see you are taking the offensive against my posts. I am clearly winning this fight.
    Now you must Die!

  5. Stevie Wonder is blind.
    Love is blind.
    God is love.
    Therefore: Stevie Wonder is God.

  6. But when I was young they tried to tell me masturbating made you blind.
    Does that mean they were trying to say, masturbating makes you God???

  7. I love how the submitter managed to capture this a mere TWO SECONDS after Aaron hit the enter button :rolleyes:

    Why capture your own shit after two seconds and then remove the delete post bit – it’s obviously a self submission, either be proud of that or go back and capture it after a few minutes to make it look legit.

    And just for the record your joke was rubbish – the person before you was clearly already alluding to the blindness.

  8. No, bullmoose Stevie Wonder is not GOD, he’s, BLACK…black in spanish is negro. Negros can’t be god, they’re minions of satan!

  9. Adam fucked up Ellis’s good attempt at running gaggery….he probably couldn’t see the point of continuing this post

  10. Berky, I was going to make a poor tasting joke about gaggery, but I’ll just leave *this here. *Aaron. You’re welcome!

  11. I stand corrected, Aaron was indeed the one that fucked up
    Gag away Cap’n.. I’d be glad to hear it

  12. People shouldn’t take the piss out of Stevie because he’s blind.

    They should take the piss because he when sings he nods and waggles his head around like a grinning Muppet on acid.

  13. ^sadly fail

  14. ^ Is that you Stevie? Have I said too much?

  15. His wife cheated on him, but he never saw it coming.

  16. Shite.

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