Thursday, August 9, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls

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  1. None of the girls on “16 and Pregnant” should have iPhones. Or Androids. Or cell phones. Or even beepers.

  2. What happened to the little part on the main page that allowed us to see the last comment in the thread? Thanks, Lamebook you bastards.

  3. They were tired of visitors seeing, “Fake.” under each post.

    Also: Fake.

  4. Liar, Liar Pants I’m God!

  5. Now we can rate comments? This will open up a whole new can of worms.

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    Does anything happen if a comment gets too many up or downs?

  7. Let’s find out. Like this comment if you want MsAnneThrope to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on you.

  8. None of Doug’s “friends” made fun of him for watching 16 and pregnant. Poor showing Doug’s friends

  9. I wonder if the Lamebook staff is getting desperate.

  10. I just locked all of my dogs outside because they pissed all over the floor I just spent the last 45 minutes swabbing the deck. So, fuck this new rating system. Next thing you know we’re going to be able to save them up and trade ’em in for some lamebook “swag”…

  11. I had a dog many years ago. He lost his front two legs to a lawnmower, and his back two legs were broken from being hit by a car. I renamed him Cigarette, and I’d take him out every day for a drag.

  12. I was informed this morning that SWAG = Sex With A Ginger, so I think I’ll pass on that, beatus.

  13. Sorry, Capn, I was distracted by ratings. ^ That comment was meant for you.

  14. Apologize to me, dammit.

  15. What are you gonna do, Beatus if we don’t? At least I’m not the only one going around mixing everyone up anymore! 🙂

  16. Release a hideous Voodoo curse.

  17. ^as opposed to a pretty Voodoo curse?

  18. Exactly.

  19. What’s it do?

  20. You’ll find out on Tuesday.

  21. But that’s like, forevers away!

  22. Just enough time to get your affairs in order..

  23. #7 turns out you can rate things multiple times. Let’s see how long this lasts, shall we? For the record beatus, I rated you down 3 times. That would probably fuck my back right up, I reckon.

  24. ’16 and Pregnant’ or Hull as we call it in England.

    Ahhh Womens day. That day that comes once a year, where the whole world can join together and celebrate the fact that half the population of the planet have weird bleedy pelvis hole.

  25. Beatus, is the ‘like’ I gave you in #7 a guarantee of said fellatio from our dear, MsAnne?
    Oh, and for the record, as of the time of this response, I’m one of only two that gave you a ‘like’ in #11. That shit was funny. Must have some dog-lovers getting all butthurt in here or something.

  26. ^such a kiss-ass.

  27. Nails, unfortunately, I cannot provide a guarantee. I cannot promise what MsAnne can or cannot deliver. But it’s good to know that you would like MsAnne to suck your dick. I’ll bet she’s very excited to know this.

  28. Is anyone really even sure, that the Ms., is a, Ms.?

  29. All of you can suck my dick.

  30. C’mon, take him out for a drag?? That’s classic humor, franky!

    Capn, (And no offense MsAnne. Actually, offense.) did you ever hear her talk? Gotta be a woman. No other explanation.

  31. Back in my early Lamebook days, all of her threats (promises?) of rape threw me for a while there, but then I realised that MsAnne is not averse to inanimate object sexual penetration…

  32. it’s called ‘pegging’, for fuck’s sake. do we have to do this again?

  33. *beams* I thought you’d never ask!

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