Friday, December 10, 2010


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  1. first

    also, lol

  2. Score for Schwartz.
    Nice move.

  3. Fucking Unfunny Cunts Kindly Piss In Georges’ Shitbox


  4. nurseswhisperingverses

    I wonder if George got the same treatment.

  5. I don’t really get Ryan’s second one. I think he should’ve quit while he was ahead

  6. I don’t think even Ryan gets it. Hence the question mark…

  7. Ryan is frodo. and gay.

  8. Kiri – yes I do sense that Ryan is getting a little ‘vicarious pleasure’ out of this. What a freak.

  9. Ryan: Yeah! I want to be a part of Schwartz’s bashings! I want to be included! Let me throw in this zinger…wait, does this work?

  10. I wonder if George still wanted to steal it after seeing this.

  11. Schwartz Is Never Getting Lucky Either

  12. Gee, mattymc, you’re almost as funny as your stupid fucking spam site.

  13. Uh, …Ryan was the majority of the comments…

  14. Wow Hawkbit. Math fail? Counting Schwartz’s posts, Ryan’s posts = 2/9, even not counting Schwartz’s posts, Ryan’s posts = 2/7. Either way, not the majority. Not even close actually. In fact, he only replied twice in a fairly large set of comments. I hope you feel really smart.

  15. not quite a fail:

    (Schwartz aside) Ryan and Weiss- 2/7, other three repliers- 1/7 each, therefore Ryan and Weiss hold the small majority of frequent replies.

  16. Thanks for pointing all that out, Wallace.

  17. That was for #14.

  18. Do we even care, anyway?

  19. haha not a big “like” but it made me lol anyway 🙂

  20. LMAO!

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