Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here Comes My Baby

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  1. Sweet! I love fucked up pics. Though I don’t think I understand the second one…help?

  2. I think the second one is on here because she says she’s 20 months pregnant instead of 20 weeks… At first I thought it was maybe because she’s one of those lucky bitches who doesn’t seem to gain any weight other than the baby belly

  3. @blonde .. I guess it’s supposed to be funny because the baby is in a bag that originally held a bottle of rye…albeit a shit rye. Go Wiser’s!

  4. Oh. Got it Jellica, thanks. I didn’t even read that. Haha, thanks mass, I got the third one, though didn’t know it was shit rye…as good as their parenting skills perhaps?

  5. I'm Canadian Also

    Crown Royal is far from shit, it’s probably the smoothest Canadian Whiskey. I found that picture funny because on an episode of The Simpsons, the family is trying to save money, so they dress Maggie in a Crown Royal bag instead of buying her new clothes.

  6. Ok, it’s not ‘shit’ per se.


  7. These are great. I want to know who has been victimizing this unborn child so bad mommy felt the need to bring the heat?

  8. The last one makes a great little piece of pop photo art — the night we spent emptying the bottle resulted in the baby that now fills it. Very existential.

  9. *fills the bag

    It would be wrong to put a baby in a bottle. And difficult.

  10. Hey now there mass, if I was a woman and preggers I’d have to get all gangsa on your ass. The ry part of my userername is a direct reference to CR. The bart comes from trying to say barf while barfing. I loves my CR.

  11. Oh hey, LB is giving an update on their legal fund now. Excellent. I was getting curious.

  12. I’d like to give Hilary a swift kick to the gut.

  13. the girl in #2 creeps me out, majorly. i feel like she’s going to reach out from the screen and grab me…

  14. First chick needs a bra, someone give her one please? 🙁

  15. lol, mama, I think she’s wearing one- that black thing on her back? She’s just fat and she has an excuse to use for being fat: pretend it’s the baby’s fault.

  16. * and now

  17. That is one ginormous top – even by maternity standards. It’s fucking hideous, too.

    Anyway, do the world a favour, Hilary, and turn that gun on yourself.

  18. Jayne, wha’ts the quote? I wanna be chiualrous and help you out.

  19. #1 Doesn’t need a bra, she might have one on, but it’s hard to tell. What you’re all seeing is call being fat, being pregnant, (hence the giant pregnant fat tits) and she also most likely has milk in them. So no, a bra wouldn’t really do anything appearance wise.

    #2 I hope I can be a lucky bitch MILF like you. Minus getting weeks and months mixed up, of course.

    #3 makes me laugh and want to try out Crown Royal.
    White Russian’s are quite good, though. Had one with Kahlúa. Nothing was used for cream, though the taste was still alright.

  20. I sure as hell wouldn’t mess with Hilary. She wouldn’t even need the gun!

    Who takes photos with a toilet in the background?

  21. The first pic is a bit scary… should this woman really be allowed to breed?

  22. I am going to make a guess here and say that Crown Royal might have had something to do with how the kid in #3 was conceived….. so it might not be entirely out of place.

  23. So that’s how a pregnant of 8 (kids) looks like.

  24. #19 you don’t have any milk in your breasts when you’re pregnant. They might be swollen with fluid and might contain a very small amount of colustrum (pre-milk) but that wouldn’t contribute to their size. Lactation doesn’t begin until after birth as it is the placenta detaching from the uterine wall that kicks it off.

  25. Ruthie, That’s nothing you should see what i drown my unwanted babies in!

  26. @mb Oh. >< *inserts foot into mouth* Ok, well then she's just very very fat.

  27. Please note, these comments are meant for ‘humour’ (and I use term very loosely) purposes only, please remove sand from vagina and stick from arse when reading.

    1. Day-umm – Was hoping to mess with her baby but that badass pose and her bingo wings made me think better of it.

    2. Nothing says classy like posing in front of your bog, extra kudos if there is an unflushed turd in it.

    3. If you look at the picture real hard, squint a little out of your left eye from a distance of 2ft, it looks a little like child abuse.

  28. 1. I would have been very nervous had I been the photographer. Imagine telling a crazy pregnant bitch with a gun that she’s not even kind of photogenic…

    2. Why does everyone have a bathroom pic on facebook? I never found the appeal of taking pictures in my bathroom, there is a perfectly suitable mirror in my bedroom if the mood strikes me. Quite frankly I have enough friends to take pics for me if I am feeling really desperate.

    3. I looked real hard, I squinted out of my left eye at a distance of 2 ft and still somehow did not see child abuse. The baby is fine, if not quite warm, but the picture and the reference to the simpsons makes me smile.

    Keona, no worries, unless you’ve given birth a lot of women don’t know that. It is a common misconception because some women “leak” colostrum before birthing. When the real milk comes in you look like you have porno boobs, unfortunately it is uncomfortable at best, painful at worst. So you don’t even get to play with them, such a shame.

  29. Admittedly, number one is lame… but so is calling a pregnant woman fat. Women hold on to extra weight all over when they’re pregnant. In preparation for nursing, their breasts alone can grow two or three sizes. There is a reason being pregnant is an “excuse” for looking bigger… because it can make you bigger. Some women stay small, some women get big.

  30. Not to say the pregnancy didn’t (not) help, but I think trying to reason that this is *all* pregnancy related fat is ridiculous.
    Come on.

    Plus, you can’t blame bad taste on pregnancy… That’s all her.

  31. no, but say she was a little chubby when she got pregnant, or at the higher end of a healthy weight, then gained 45 lbs when she was pregnant.. shes going to look big. I just don’t think it’s fair to call her fat.

    And yea.. that picture is totally ridiculous.

  32. The first one:
    I think what you guys are mistaking for her chest is actually part of the shirt (the gauzy thing which might make it look like she’s sagging). I really do think it’s part of the top..
    And as chealsea^ said, I don’t think she’s fat really. More like at the very end of healthy. And yes, pregnancy does make you gain a shit ton of weight. I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy, aiyiyi.
    Look at her face, it doesn’t look that chubby…

  33. Ahh so is this what they mean by America’s right to bare arms?

    Because if it is, I think people like Popeye here should be made to cover up.

  34. chelseadawn, a lot of pregnant women overeat, and use their pregnancy as an “excuse” for excessive weight gain. Yes, some women gain more pregnancy weight than others; for a few reasons (fluid retention, genetic predisposition, etc.), but, for the most part, those who gain huge amounts are those who are simply stuffing their faces. Real talk.

    Then, they complain when they’re still a porker after the baby is born. This is why doctors are on their cases so much about gaining too much weight during their pregnancy.

    Hilary is a fat, gun-toting fashion tragic who just happens to be pregnant. End of story.

  35. @Wordpervert: The irony with that being, if you’re overweight, you don’t have to put on as much weight as a thinner woman (11-20 pounds during pregnancy, as as opposed to 25-35lbs for a woman of a healthy weight).

    And, unless you know the woman in #2, it’s quite possible she’s 20 months prego. I’m watching “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” now.

  36. takeme, so you’re thinking Hilary might be one of those who has only gained a few pounds during her pregnancy? Maybe. I find when very fat women are pregnant, it’s hard to tell they actually are pregnant. The baby bump is lost under all the fat.

    Unless the freaky bitch in the toilet is an elephant, she probably is only 20 weeks. But yeah, those “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” stories…

  37. Uh takemeaway, unless that chick in #2 is birthing a toddler, I highly doubt she’s 20 months pregnant.

  38. #1 is fat – Proof: See #2 (granted, #2 is obviously on the thin side to begin with, but there is no way that #1 is a “healthy” weight w/o the pregnancy)

    Side note: has anyone seen Sleep Away Camp? It’s a really cheesy horror movie from the 80’s and the girl in #2 looks just like the murderer in that movie… except the murderer in the movie turned out to really be a boy who was raised as a girl because of his/her crazy aunt… umm nevermind…

  39. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I really hate it when you hippies start popping in here and inventing new euphemisms for fatness. “higher end of a healthy weight“, really?

    That girl is fucking fat, you can subtract 5 babies from her weight and she will still be fucking fat.

  40. DUKE! I expected more from you! that is prejudiced! They are clearly just slightly over the higher end of a healthy weight. They are just obsesely challenged, not overweight. If you aren’t regularly mistaken for a whale in heat when you go swimming then chances are you have a ‘bad body image’ and you’re suffering from an eating disease. You need to go treat yourself to a few gallons of ice cream and a trough of processed animal caracasses.

    Right, because that show is about women who are pregnant for like 3 years right? I hear most of their kids are born with beards. Someone told me it was about dumb, fat bitches having kids on the toilet but they were obviously wrong.

  41. OK, I’m late on this:

    #35 I haven’t seen that show. Normal human people carry a pregnancy longer than 40 weeks? I really don’t wanna google it.

    #39 will you do me the honour of making me Duchssy Saffer Buns?

  42. Yea, I invented healthy weight ranges and the body mass index. I thought you’d be proud of me.

  43. Jesus fuck people, no more of this! No more fat arguments! Everyone just shut the fuck up!

  44. Finger off the trigger lady!

  45. I hate when women act like the woman in the first picture:

    1. That is NOT cute-that is trashy and stupid

    2. Who the hell is “messing” with your precious bundle of shit?

    3. Your baby is NOT that important. Go ahead and be overjoyed, but don’t act like you’re giving birth to freaking Jesus Christ or something

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