Thursday, December 9, 2010

TypOh No!

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  1. very lame not in a good sense lame I just wanted to post first

  2. i wouldn’t mind if i got laid at work…

  3. can I haz another recession pwease?

  4. is the typo in the first one the misplaced appostrophe ?

    or the V that looks like a U ?

    what ?

  5. Never mind the “is’nt” part but what the hell is “chiualry”? Note to people getting tattoos: if your handwriting really sucks, have someone ELSE show the artist what you want. Or maybe type it or something.

    Methinks this douche more or less got what he deserved.

  6. Not sure what the hell Charlie is talking about or why it’s funny.

  7. Chiualry is’nt dead, i’t was chivalry that dide

  8. @throwingtofu

    i think charlie meant to say: “Tryin to find the perfect man is like tryin to find _Atlantis_”

    likely it was just the cell phone’s auto correct that made the change, so really not all that funny.

  9. @Charlie: I definitely found my perfect man with GPS.

  10. @dstovall – Thanks for clarifying. I live in Atlanta, and with 16 counties considered part of the metro area these days is damn near impossible to NOT find Atlanta.

  11. Chiualry huh? Mmm, I want me a man with some of that. After all, is’nt that what all women seek?

  12. Autocorrect can be really stupid. My autocorrect changed the lyrics from Kanye West’s gold digger from She aint looking for no broke nig ga to she aint looking for no buffalo. Why did it swap nig ga for buffalo? It’s not even a commonly used word. Meh.

  13. It also likes to change stylistic abbreviations to their proper wording. Like I had to add the word aint, I think. So those people who type lik did 111 omg prolly are taking the time to make sure that autocorrect doesn’t turn it into a proper sentence for the most part.

  14. I don’t think it is autocorrect in this case bc he sent it from a text message. I used to do facebook via text message and there was no autocorrect for me at least.. I bet he confused Atlanta with Atlantis. Hey, when I was younger I used to think Atlantic City was in Georgia! And then when I told my friend that years later, she was like “it’s not?!”

  15. My Swype in text message would definitely type Atlanta instead of Atlantis, and it might not be noticed until it was sent. It’s the same concept as auto correct and makes for some funny text messages sometimes.

  16. …any one else notice the name is Pratik? First time through I read that shit as Patrick.

  17. I’m having a tatto issue, it’s an exert (excert?) from a quote that starts with the word “but”. Capitalize or no?
    I went to school with a boy named Pratik, he was Indian. Considering his friends name is Avanti, I’d say they are probably Indian as well.

  18. *tattoo.

  19. Shit.
    *excerpt. Durka dur.

  20. I’m not so sure that tattoo is real. Anyone else notice that it looks like a rub-on tattoo with that clear film around the edges? It’s not shiny like plastic wrap would be if he had put it over it to protect his shirt.

  21. You know, like a custom temporary tattoo. I think it would be funny have a bunch of intentionally misspelled ones made just to walk around with and see if anyone noticed haha.

  22. sorry moronmagnet, marks around the edges are tape residue from covering the tat to protect it.

  23. OH so it’s just a little dirty on the edges from the adhesive. Not like someone put it on a little weird on the edges and got the skin bunched up. Aw I tried πŸ™

  24. the person should have put the money spent on the tat into some “Proactiv” for the zits instead.

  25. LOL @ Proactiv

    Ok I’m going to try one more time about the “temporary tattoo” issue. If it was fresh enough to need plastic wrap and tape, wouldn’t it also be a little red? Mine were never that flat and dull looking when it was fresh enough to need a little plastic wrap between my shirt. πŸ™‚

  26. He’s darker so you have to look closer, but there is a light red… and it’s totally possible he doesn’t bathe. Or it hurts for the water to hit it so avoids it til it’s less new…I think it’s real moronmagnet…I’m sorry…I really am, because it’s horrible.

  27. Why is that h taking a shit?

  28. “My Swype in text message would definitely type Atlanta instead of Atlantis, and it might not be noticed until it was sent”

    What do you mean, don’t you read what you are sending before you actually send it??

  29. @moronmagnet there is usually a 3-4 day period where you can’t fully scrub around a larger tattoo like this. To do so would either hurt yourself or the tatt. In that time the redness would fade.

  30. #1. No, it’s not dead, but that guy should be.
    #2. I agree Charlie, I can’t find Atlanta on a map,’s like a lost city, or something.

    #3. I want my old job back, if that’s the case.

  31. I guess I was just HOPING it was a joke (custom temporary). When I had fresh tattoos I didn’t wait 3-4 days to shower. Of course you can’t scrub the actual tattoo but if the tape marks were nasty you would probably want to scrub that since it’s farther out.
    I wonder how many times he has tried to explain that “he meant for it to be that way”? Haha πŸ™‚

  32. Haha I never get sick of laughing and bad tattoos.

  33. *at

  34. Most of the tattoo work that I do has no redness around it at all, even immediately after. But I don’t spell them wrong either, so maybe my work is just a higher quality.
    I am just pointing this out to weigh in on the fake/not fake issue… the lack of redness proves nothing either way!

  35. Charlie finding the perfect woman is a bit like being a member of an organised religion…

    You’re not allowed to wear a spunk sack, plus the emotions of pity and the feeling of guilt are set high on the agenda.

  36. Chiualry is’nt dead

    Dun make fun of teh spelling cuz its ritten like he wanned it to be. okay???

  37. ooo, chert

  38. So maybe Pratik (wtf?) meant that the economy is so bad, that many people are turning to prostitution and therefore getting laid at work..
    And then realized that like his mom would see it and decided to pretend it was a mistake and add teh off.

    Besides, who is just NOW figuring out that many people are getting laid off? And who makes just that their status? I’m choosing to believe he was talking about prostitution.

  39. @videl, was the apostrophe located in a different part of the word as well? And I would like to formally welcome you to the 21st century where a u looks like that and a v looks like that, well, I’d like to welcome him anyways. You seem to have it figured out.

  40. I am the Pratik from that post. I made that status as a joke. I was very surprised to find that one of my friends submitted it to lamebook.

  41. Hey Patrick you spelled your name wrong.

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