Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just… Awful.

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  1. Lewis, your own corpse would be funnier than that lame-ass attempt at humour.

  2. Lewis ftw!

  3. sorry word, he got me in stiches with the grim reaper part 🙂

  4. Saff, Grim Reaper references are good, sometimes. The best way I’ve ever seen it used was years ago here in Aus as an advertisement for AIDS. It’s funny. Check it out…

  5. sam is incredibly dim, or something ?

  6. other than that, i didn’t find lewis funny… not even one little bit.

  7. Lewis was dumb. It’s stupid because it’s so obviously fake. How long did he plan to carry that “joke” out? Made even worse by Sam’s idiocy. Lewis didn’t even get the “OMG IS THAT A REAL JOB THAT’S TERRIBLE??” reaction he so desperately wanted.

  8. And why doesn’t Chandler just unfriend or block Lyndsay? Sucks that he’s from redneck bloodlines.

  9. So Lyndsay used a racial slur because she was called a racist… wonder what she’d do if you call her a slut?

  10. Hahahahaha, word’s link made me laugh way more than this post. Well played Australia, that’s check in the win column.

  11. @lametothemin just because it’s sarcasm doesn’t mean it’s fake.

  12. Chandler and Janice was always kinda on and off.

  13. were*

  14. Reading Lewis is like when you step on dog shit with bare feet and then have to decide what to do next.

  15. First one was funny until his last comment. He ruined it. It was like, haha, killing old people… grim reaper scaring them to death? oh… *awkward silence*

  16. The first one actually made me laugh, because Sam either didn’t get it or didn’t care but Lewis was like a 5 year-old whose parents were ignoring him.

  17. I saw it Word, thanks for the link 🙂

    …but I don’t know what to say (I’m in my own world today) I didn’t think it was funny at all- not even the lame preachy aspect of it- the message behind it is too strong and kind of scary.

  18. @blondebimbo, what?

  19. Whoa, my bad, I read your post wrong. Completely my mistake. Low sleep. Ignore it.

  20. Is there a Megalamebook for funny comments within Lamebook? ^

  21. @word What a link…

  22. Why doesn’t Chandler just remove Lyndsey from his friends?

  23. jr888: because they are cousins, damn!

  24. Ah fucking moderation. What is the world coming to. First my phone tries to prevent me from saying nigers with 2 g’s by changing it to nuggets. Then I get moderated. Then when I try to type nigers I get autocorrected to movers. Just let me say what I type damn it.

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is:
    Chandler is a little terd. Lynsdsey obviously isn’t a “racist.” She just doesn’t like nigers.

  25. Found another Chandler, finally.

  26. I knew saf would think it was hilarious to see that kind of joke. Herp derp, they said Grim Reaper! That must have been the first time I’ve read those two words! That’s the only logical explanation of why Grim Reaper is funny!.

    #2 *facepalm* Chalk this point up in the “Feeding the stereotype” category. s

  27. I am staying well out of this…

  28. “only said it cause you are sayin i’m “racist”” …. well fuck me.

    Lol @ Paranoid, you damn racist 😛

  29. Love it when my comment dissapears, oh the pain and inconvinience of re-typing!:

    Android, that’s a win. L’dMAO

    Keona, I’ve become that predictable huh? I Think I just had one of those days where anything could have made me laugh (except AIDS Grim). That, or I’ve started taking what I get in terms of humour. Gone are the days of complaining about the quality of material delivered… 24 hours and counting 😉

  30. @Saffer I used to be able to predict some on this site, but you’ve changed your type of commenting. Sort of took me off guard o.O That’s all I meant by that ^ some dry sarcasm. I looked at word’s link, and agree, it was pretty funny.

    I agree with Walter…it’s not as if she said, “I hate all blacks, just because they’re black.”

    Anyone else being forced to login over and over? For a long time, I logged in, and was always logged in when I turned on the PC and came here. Now it’s like they’re booting every time I leave. Well, fuck my nuggets and called me incestuous.

  31. “Well played Australia, that’s check in the win column”
    God knows they need it right now…

  32. ‘Hello, i’m Lewis. I’ll be your comic entertainment for the night, please feel free to have a bit of audience participation.’

    ‘Fuck off Lewis before I throttle you with my raping hand.’

  33. The fact that Lewis’ post was copied within seconds of his comment being posted would lead me to believe that Lewis himself thought that this was funny/lame enough to submit himself.

  34. It might just be me, but if one of my friends sets up an obvious “reaction-seeking” joke, my reaction tends to be the same as Sam’s. He might have just be saying “Oh, good.” to avoid being successfully trolled.

  35. That AIDS advert was brilliant. I especially liked it when the baby went flying.

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