Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Problematic Predicaments

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  1. The first one makes me sad…

  2. The last one makes me sad…

  3. Chelsea is upset because she was woken up by another girl who called for help by setting off the fire alarm. That’s pathetic. Clearly Chelsea needs to wake up (No pun intended) and to think of others for a change.

  4. They all make me sad.

  5. I might cry I’m so sad

  6. I wonder, if what Sarah said was actually true, then how things would have been different if the one of the three kings had brought Koran instead of Frankincense.

  7. The all make me GLEEEBO JOBES!

  8. since when was being on house arrest cool?

  9. The last one makes me want to beat Chelsea.

  10. Setting her on fire seems like a fitting idea.

  11. Are those two married or bro/sis? If not, I want to know how they are together if they are under house arrest? Especially since there usually is a requirement of not being around other troublemakers.

  12. Didn’t we already have a Lamebook post that was a shot of a guy and girl’s legs, both of whom had those tag things? I don’t know what they’re called. If I wasn’t so damn lazy I’d go find the post.

  13. Never mind, Lamebook already said on their Twitter that this isn’t the first house arrest couple they’ve had.

    Called it.

    …after they said it.

  14. Being on house arrest together makes the conjugal visits so much easier.

  15. The guy on house arrest has sexy legs. The fact that he is a bad boy makes me really want him. I am going to through that girl passed the line so she gets arrested.

  16. The guy on house arrest actually has the opposite of sexy legs.

  17. Sarah is worried about sounding stupid…so she should, the brainless fuckwit.

    It’s conscientious girls like Chelsea that make me wonder where I went wrong.

    I wasn’t always the caring, considerate person I am today you know? Believe it or not,I was once a callous ballbag of a human being?

  18. Yes,when you burn a Koran it smells like a burning book.

    Wtf,there is no excuse for being that dumb in AMERICA

  19. Sure there is. It’s called “being an American.”

  20. @ theheretic…. fuck off, wanker!!!

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