Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Losing that Spark

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  1. haha Hal Sparks, a celebrity.

  2. laugh.out, exactly.

  3. captainandthekid

    Sigh…I will never be able to watch I Love the 80’s the same way. ..

  4. Hell… I had to google Hal Sparks and I still don’t know who he is.

  5. @alijacket – He actually does have a band? I know exactly who he is, but I only watched him on Talk Soup. And he was a huge lamo. I just can’t see this “bad boy” persona. But I guess that’s why the whole thing is on lamebook in the first place.

  6. I’ve never heard of this ‘Sparks’ individual, but I am pretty sure neither he nor almost any other guy cheats on their partner to ‘fulfill their confidence quota.’ They do it because they like banging hot chicks and like a variety. I’m not defending them but I really doubt they ‘lack confidence.’
    What is scariest here is that this girl was willing to sleep with a guy who wears a ‘cancer preventative magnet.’ Holy motherload of carp crap, she’s got low standards.
    Also it took me a very long time to realize Meredith was a woman. I’ve never heard of a woman thinking male homosexual makeouts are appealing. Lesbians yes, but not gay guys.

  7. @mad2physicist – you’ve never heard of a straight woman being turned on by two attractive men together? It’s the same as guys liking hot girls making out with each other.

  8. Chinchillazilla

    If someone isn’t in People magazine on a semi-regular basis, they aren’t a celebrity.

  9. @samwise Her story would have made a helluva lot more sense, had it been Hank 😀

  10. Don’t like long posts.

  11. Somewhere, Hal Sparks is getting excited as he notices that he is inexplicably “trending” on Yahoo! and Google’s top searches.

  12. tldr

  13. cloudsinmycoffee

    okay i know who hal sparks is because of vh1, but i’m pretty sure i read somewhere (a long time ago) that he and his girlfriend are basically in an open relationship.
    although i’m sure meredith would have just left that part out and complained some more about him being small. i don’t know why she was so surprised though, he’s only like 5’8 or something

  14. Why is this here? So boring. Also, I love how she’s bothered that he had a GF at the time, but meanwhile she was cheating on the guy she was with. Girls. Wtf.

  15. @Ripley, yep. They used to be called….. The Hal Sparks Band. LMAO. But, some time ago they changed it to Zero1, because that’s so much cooler, of course.

  16. Hal Sparks was on Celebrity Duets – and they clearly used the word “Celebrity” very loosely. He got beat by Carleton from Fresh Prince. (and Xena, but she’s awesome so I’m pretending I don’t know that.) but seriously. Beat. By. Carleton.

    Also, I was a HUGE fan of QAF but quickly got over Sparks when he followed his stint on the show with his talking head job (heh) on Vh1, using it as an opportunity to assert his status as heterosexual at every turn. Dude, we get it. You only gobble cock for money. oh, wait…

  17. okay,it’s not like she showed up,banged him,then talked and ‘got to know him’.she defiantly knew he was a douche before they had sex and she still did it.and hal sparks? the only reason i know him is because of all those ‘i love the 80’s/90’s/70’s’ shows on vh1.this woman is pathetic.and i’m sure this little mini bashing really got to mr sparks,idiot.she deserves to get used for being so stupid.

  18. Wow, I can’t believe I just read all that! It must be because I agree with katypants.
    For the most part, though, I agree with MikeyMike.

    But I do feel sorry for Meredith. Poor girl obviously needs attention when she claims to have slept with a “celebrity” hardly anybody’s ever heard of.

  19. I don’t want to sound too much like I’m defending this girl, but she does mention her ‘lack of exclusive commitments’ which would mean she wasn’t cheating on the guy she was happy with. Just sayin’.

  20. So I’m the one who sent this in – this girl is an acquaintance of mine. About a year and a half ago (she wrote this March 2, 2009) this note showed up in my news feed and I was SHOCKED when I read it and couldn’t believe that someone would divulge this information with ALL OF FACEBOOK. Listen, I get that this happened and you need to talk about it, but call a friend ok? Or, worst case, send a select group of close friends who keep your secrets an email with the story. Do not post it for all 707 of your facebook “friends” to read.

    That being said, I’d like clear a few things up:

    1) she is a really sweet, albeit naive, girl
    2) when i read the note i got the impression that the other guy she mentions in the beginning was a guy she was seeing not exclusively dating: therein she was not cheating. (Although, to be fair, I think that she probably WANTED to be exclusive with him and posting this note about her sexual conquest may have been to piss him off, which isn’t the most mature move)

    Frankly, I kind of feel bad about sending this story in at all considering the fact that she’s getting slammed here (no pun intended) but, like I said, she’s not really my friend, and she did put this out to the entire world by posting it on the internet.

    The BEST part of the story was not included. Since this note was posted, she’s written less salacious notes and status updates about him, mentioning how psyched she is to have gotten texted by him or how she plans on meeting up with him again. So, clearly, she was a little impressed.

  21. wow the last the comment is lame. i also googled hal and im pretty sure he was eddie monster

  22. VelvetCyberpunk

    Wow, what a stupid whore. She screws around on her boyfriend and then complains that it’s Hal who’s the bad guy? Really? Also, telling the size of a guys penis is pretty gauche. She’s have a fit if he said her ass was huge and she had stretch marks. She’s a tramp with no class.

  23. Yea, freedom of speech aye? What you Americans fight and die for all the time. Give up basic human rights for via the Patriot Act. Well done. “clap clap”.

    If Robert Groden has been ticketed and arrested in Dealey Plaza 81 times for speaking his mind you may want to send some more kids out to die. Its not working!!!!!

  24. Wow. Where to start?

    1. As pathetic as the original memo was, my first question is why an “acquaintance” would feel the need to post it all this time later? Obviously you’re looking out for your friend because you blocked out her personal information, but anonymously slandering someone you obviously don’t know reeks of spiteful douchebaggery. I mean, Meredith got her jollies broadcasting this to 700 people. The poster got something out of posting it for the entire Internet. For what, exactly? No one gains here, not Meredith, not the poster and certainly not Hal. This was nothing more than mean spirited gossip, and if that’s what you get off on then you need to take a serious look at your own life.

    It’s like Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

    2. The memo from Meredith was obviously a ploy to get attention; whether from her friends or from her “guy” or from Hal. I don’t see it as either sweet nor naive, just extremely immature. In fact it seems quite manipulative to me. Especially when the poster goes on to say Meredith still wants Hal’s attention.

    3. Per Hal this account of events is simply untrue. Given Meredith’s subsequent behavior, evidence suggests he’s the one telling the truth. But in this TMZ era who needs truth when you can have gossip?

    4. People have an almost pathological need to tear down other people, especially if they have even a smidgen of success. You have one group present who wants to attack Hal for being a media whore, and then another group who wants to sneer down their self righteous noses that they have no idea who he is.

    It just boils down to the fact some people need a reason to justify their unfounded hatred of their fellow man, so they latch onto anything. Thank you, poster, for feeding into this. That really helps make the world a better place. To be so mean and hateful is just as bad as someone posting this note for the world to see.

    5. Hal is an incredible person. No matter what he does for “work”, what he does to make the world a better place far outweighs it. He just came from Washington to host an animal rights charity event as well as speak to Congress about providing computers for under privileged children. He’s spent massive amounts of time and energy for charities and causes and for positive change, which means it’s more important to him to get involved with life than sit back and make fun of it from the safety of an anonymous Internet message board.

    In other words… he is a great mind. If all you care about is what show he’s on (or not on), who he sleeps with or even the size of his penis, then you’re missing out on so much more.

    And that is what is truly lame.

  25. cool story bro

  26. This bitch is lying her ass off and you guys are believing it. o.O Hal is one of the sweetest, most talented men I’ve ever had the honor of meeting and this skank was just lying to get attention.

  27. just as nobody believes she actually slept with hal sparks, nobody really believes you know the guy either. dumbasses. besides which, nobody gives a shit about hal sparks anyway. you know why?

    because he’s HAL. SPARKS. (implied fail.)

  28. … who the fuck is Hal Sparks?

  29. I don’t think she cheated on a boyfriend, she wrote “my lack of exclusive commitments”. Doesn’t that mean she was not in a relationship?

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