Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuck Up Girls

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  1. This bitch is nasty

  2. The hell…

  3. You’d expect since Alexandria is named after the second largest city in Egypt she could at least fit a tampon.

  4. Did anyone tell her that there is that little string… ?

  5. I am a girl and YUCK switch to pads

  6. Pretty sure I’ve never had that problem in the like.. 14 years?.. I’ve been using tampons. What a retard.

  7. @ hellababe

    Yeah, same here.
    You gotta be pretty special to get a tampon stuck up your hoo-hah.
    …Or you’re using those jumbo-ultra-super sizes when your hoo-hah is meant for a Slimfits size.

    15 years and I have yet to get a tampon jammed stuck in my honeypot.

  8. So… how difficult is it to just stick two fingers in and pull it out? And why would this take 3 + hours to remedy? Furthermore, if you had an “issue” previously, wouldn’t that be a errr, red flag, that maybe you shouldn’t be putting things where you can’t get them back? I think she’s just craving attention – in all the wrong ways and places :/

  9. @oatmealandi
    What?!!!! Pads are have to actually DEAL with the mess and the ODOR is so much more worse.
    People you walk past can probably TELL you are on your rag. At least with tampons its a pull out and replace. You don’t have to deal with the mess of pads, the odor…and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a goddamn diaper! hard is it to use your vaginal muscles to push out the tampon? Even if you can’t get your fingers up that high (Which btw would mean the tampon is TOO high up). Also… they do make tampons now without strings. Most women have the muscle control to be able to push them out.
    Kegels anyone?!!!

  10. Wohoahh people. These comments are even more TMI than the original post.

  11. Alexandria needs a bigger tampon or a smaller vag..and she should be banned from FB for life!

  12. @MistressSlayer obviously she doesn’t care if people can tell she’s on her rag…. And if you can’t operate a tampon, switch to pads. That’s all.

  13. I’m with Ladyda. It isn’t so much that she had the problem, it’s that she posted said problem. It’s gross.

  14. She never said that she got the tampon stuck in her vageegee.

  15. This entire post along with these comments should be deleted. RIGHT NOW! lol. I’m a female and this is grossing me out. Hehe

  16. It’s funny tho because she said it happened twice that month, how many times does she get her period a month, and if it’s the same period shouldn’t she have said it’s the second time it happened this week?

  17. uranus1mcangus

    Tampons aren’t natural, you’ll never convince me to stick some
    plastic up my cooch…as well as with the risk of TSS… NO FUCKING THANKS!

  18. thickasawhaleommlette

    JAM RAGS!!!!!!!

  19. uranus you know what else is not natural?: the pads you use, the clothes you wear, the car/bike you drive, the brush you comb your hair with, the McDonalds meal you had last night….. …. ….. …. … ….

  20. The most likely scenario is that she forgot to remove it before putting another one in, causing it to get jammed right up in there. She probably continued doing this for a day or so, and when she started reeking like the dead, and there was barely any flow, she realised what was going on. Unpleasant, but it can happen. But twice in as many periods? That takes a special kind of stupid. Girl needs to work on her baton changes.

  21. Don’t we all post our medical problems on facebook?

  22. I am starting to develope a medical problem reading these posts.

  23. Baton change got me lolling… It was a nice change from projectile vomiting.

  24. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @ MistressSlayer – TMI.

    @ uranus1mcangus – TSS is EXRTEMELY rare. Kind of like being the kind of idiot who needs medical help to get a tampon out.

    I understand accidents happen (by accidents I mean having sex while on the rag and not removing the tampon, or what wordpervert said). Sometimes you gotta work a little to get that sucker back out. I’ve even heard of people asking a friend for help. But for god’s sake, you should never have to go to the hospital to get it out. Your vagina is not bottomless. The tampon’s in there somewhere. You don’t need a fucking cave expedition complete with hardhats and ropes to find it.

  25. I hope the ‘second time this month’ was within a week of the first occurrence….otherwise, there’s your problem.

  26. ifitwerentformyhorse

    My apologies for misspelling “extremely”. I forgot to add that it also takes a special kind of person to proudly post this shit on FB.

  27. uranus1mcangus, have you ever used a tampon? You do realize that you pull the plastic out, right? Or you can get ones with cardboard applicators, or no applicator at all, if the plastic that is in your vagina for approximately 2 seconds is that scary for you. If it is that scary for you, how do you use condoms? Or vibrators?

  28. meh chuckled @ cave expedition complete with hardhats and ropes.

    Also, just a thought: there was a comment on a previous post about this app that enables people who’ve lost their phone to retreive it. This app just might be the solution to Alexandria’s recurring problem. Just attach phone to string -et voilá.

  29. She went to the hospital emergency department with a non emergency issue. She should count herself lucky that she only waited 3 hours.

    And come on girls, please turn down the tone of these posts. I am a girl and I don’t need to be reminded of the less than savoury functions of my body.

  30. I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world to get stuck up there!

  31. 2nd time in a month?? How many times a month does she get her period?

  32. You use more than one tampon when on your period.

  33. I just felt like sharing with you guys that some of us are unfortunate enough to get our period every three weeks. It’s a bitch.
    But, yeah… no… I never lost anything up there. Not even my virginity

  34. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @33 Wandr are you saving yourself for marriage? I think they should make those tampon insertion tubes spring loaded. The removal procedure leaves room for improvement too, make the string longer, long enough to reach the floor whilst sitting. Simply placing one foot firmly on the string and getting back to standing position, should make removal effortless.

  35. i call shenanigans. just a guess, but perhaps her mother is batshit crazy and stuck in the dark ages and made her post this on facebook so all the boys would see that she is (for lack of a better word) tight and thus a virgin. i had a good friend in middle school whose mom was like this and made her do similar shit all the time (minus the use of facebook as it wasn’t around yet). needless to say, things didn’t turn out well for her. push your kids too far one way, they’ll usually go the other.

  36. @stoma : No, I’m saving myself to be sacrificed to a god or a volcano. Or something.
    Or maybe for a ritual to bless the harvest season. Less death, more sex.

  37. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    And it’s a much better cause.

  38. @34 Your post gave me an idea… Maybe make them tampons with a long string tied to a cotton ball. When you have a tampon on, sit on the toilet, the cotton ball gets soaked in the toilet. All you have to do is flush, and the water pulls the tampon out, and flushes it away. You don’t even have to worry about putting it in the garbage can, or cover it in toilet paper!!

  39. Lots of info here ladies

  40. pandainspandex

    When she was about 13 or so my old best friend got a jumbo tampon stuck up there… So I’m not defending this chick (as has been been mentioned, it takes a special kind of stupid for this to happen twice), but I just want to say it can happen to non-idiotic virgins/people with skinny naughty bits.

  41. @mamalumps
    Your friend should have put the tampons in her ears.

  42. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @mamalumps – That puts a whole new disturbing spin on the matter.

  43. Many of you may not know this as have probably never met anyone with this issue, but there is this thing called a septate hymen. It’s not exactly common, but it’s not uncommon either. It’s where you have a string of tissue at the entrance of your vagina. It splits the vaginal opening into two, and isn’t usually noticed until one tries to use a tampon, but if you have sex it will probably break. It is actually relatively strong and many people need to have surgery to cut it. When pulled at (e.g. if you have a tampon stuck and try to pull it out) it pulls at the vaginal walls causing intense pain. Therefore, you need to go to the ER to get it removed. They cut the tampon up and pull it out. It is a terribly embarassing experience for a girl to have. I know this because one of my best friends had to have a tampon removed and still gets embarassed talking about it, even though it was a few years ago. She hasn’t used a tampon since.

    Now I am not saying that this is what this girl has, but it could be. Or a similar issue.

    And in relevence to the all the people saying she probably has a tight vagina and a large tampon, she would still be able to get it out easily. During your period your vagina is usually well lubricated(yes, with blood) and the tampon should slide out with little effort. Even if you were a bit dry (I know this is disgusting), with a little more of a tug, the tampon would come out.

    And I can see it coming that people are going to say that the people at the ER would have told her if she had a septate hymem, and if you think that you would be wrong. They have done their job and got the tampon out, and then they need to help other people and wouldn’t have time to go into an decent explanation of what a septate hymen is. My friend had to go to the doctor to fully understand what it was.

    Now I’m not saying that it was a wise idea for this girl to put this on facebook, but I thought I would add a little medical knowledge of my own. 🙂

  44. ^^ TL;DR

  45. I would have titled this post uptight girls, but stuck up works just as well I guess.

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