Friday, January 18, 2013

Damn Shawty

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  1. And after all that ignorant shit, the silly bitch is still “HAHAHA”‘ing with the dipshit and responding… who’s the DERP in this picture?

  2. What a fucking moron. I’d LOVE to know precisely what the fuck he contributes to civilisation, other than creating in others an overwhelming urge to be as different to him as humanly possibly without devolving. In honesty, the more you devolve, the more similar you will become. Fuck me.

  3. Damn nigga, step yo geography game up. Whatchu know about pickin up a damn atlas once in a while, bruh?

  4. This is why America is collapsing.

  5. This EXACT FUCKING UPDATE was posted here almost exactly a year today.

    Lamebook(dotcom)(forward slash) phail

  6. ^I would have typed the full address but for some reason I can’t seem to post URLs in Lamebook comments.

  7. FFS, sorry to spam but in order to make it work you need another forward slash after the word fail.

  8. Apparently black people really talk like this.

  9. Yeah, Filipino is a “race”, kinda like Londoner or Missouri resident.

    I am betting she went on a date with him anyway.

  10. i don’t normally like to stereotype, but sometimes it’s just so fucking accurate it’s pathetic.

  11. Filipino is a nationality. Most pinoys are asian.

  12. Damn Lamebookers where you at

  13. ^ I might be able to assist you in finding an answer to to query, lsm, but first, I’m going to need you to be more specific. Could you re-phrase the question, please.

  14. More of a fail is that she thinks Filipino is a race when it’s a nationality her race is Asian. Get back to the kitchen women.

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  16. Omg sexy chicken, where did you read that at!?!

  17. His angry Nigerian mother, Ckute, should have really taught him to be more respectful of women. And geography.

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