Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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  1. Never ever ever understood why anyone needs to change their name, let alone reach “maximum number of name changes”. Fucking geeks.

  2. ^^Seriously, I like your name and I would not change it.

  3. Seriously though.. Why would you change your name on facebook? Unless you’re Ron Artest or Chad Johnson. Errr.. I mean Metta World or Ochocinco.

  4. The boss one…clever.

    Cawkmeat…he deserves what’s coming to him.

  5. I have a feeling Cawkmeat is a woman.

    So, how many times CAN you change your name? The best one I saw was a girl that called her self Mayonnaise. That was pretty funny.

  6. If someone reaches their max amt of name changes it means they can not create anymore new names but they can choose between any of those they had made previous to the last one. I had a 2nd acct for hook ups who just HAD to have my facebook… sad I know I went through a crazy summer 😐
    But once again she/he isnt stuck can go back to the name signed up with.

  7. Not my real name, Vag. Why’d she call herself Mayo Beatus?

  8. I don’t know, Crusty. It was an older Lamebook entry, and I thought it was funny.

  9. well, i can safely say that all the funny has been kicked out of it now.

  10. Bruce Springsteen is way overrated

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