Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You!

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  2. That’s some sexci bitterness. heh. Proud exhibition of butthurt makes it go from ‘whiny’, to me getting my schadenfreude jollies off.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Oh boy this fart really smells bad. It has been 5 minutes and it is still lingering.

  4. it would be a great irony if chris self submitted.

  5. Would anyone on facebook automatically want attention?

  6. ^ Isn’t that the whole point of Facebook?

  7. *lamebook

  8. ^ That, too.

  9. ^the whole fucking internet? Life, even?

  10. Blah, a self-submission would be ironic, but so is the fact that Stee…ver started.

  11. Oh, Chris, I’m pretty sure no one’s forcing you to read anything, so stop whining.

  12. no saunkhogben, the reason that steever bullshit started is because of a suspected head-trauma.

  13. Stop whining about stuff you don’t like on faceboook. We get it, you want attention

  14. @6 Yeah, that’s what I meant, but typed “would” instead of “wouldn’t”. My bad.

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