Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekday Winnin’

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  1. A big pussy with yellow teeth…!

  2. Gold

  3. Penis McGuillicutty

    Drew has creamed corn teeth.

  4. #1. Old. heard it a jillion times. go fuck yourself, Jeremy.

    #2. Bryan, you are absolutely correct.
    Why, I’d call you an asshole for free. I’d even throw in calling you a cunt, because that’s just the kind of generosity and giving that makes our world a better place.

    #3.Drew has eyes that are screaming for the sweet release of death.

  5. oh MAT you’re so CLEVER

  6. ^you’re an asshole and a cunt.

    well, that’s my xmas giving done for this year.

  7. a jillion? your friends suck.

  8. Those teeth.. need a hammer.

  9. friends?

  10. how else have you heard it a jillion times. unless you mean you read it a jillion times? in which case your internet surfing habits suck.

    also those teeth really are remarkably yellow.

  11. My use of hyperbole is just the most awful thing in the whole world, isn’t it, oobie? You must be the 27th cunt to point that out this month.

    The teeth are yellow – as are his irises. I’m guessing the colour levels in the source photograph were off.

  12. slicingupeyeballs

    To those moaning about the teeth, please note his eyes are just as yellow, and his nose is a fetching sand colour. Strangely, the woman who (obviously) put this together HAS spent the time to ensure her teeth and eyes pearly white, because its all about her, right…?

    Anyone who has had their female partner pick out a picture of them together will have noticed this phenomenon. They invariably choose the one where THEY look best, not caring that their bloke has been snapped with an expression making their face resemble a half stretched scrotum.

    Wonder how lesbians get on in this situation…?

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh beaten to my point by MsAnne, although in fairness I think you meant the sclera…

  14. msanne, do you really think these people are going to give a fuck about your ramblings ? your ironic nature of hearing the same joke a jillion times is, ironic.

  15. In fairness, your point was richer and more nuanced, and the simmering misogyny spruced it up a treat.
    However, I am a massive retard for not knowing the basic biology of the eye, so what the fuck would I know?

  16. You got it Rebecca

  17. my my my isn’t matty quite the self-absorbed little douchenozzle? i can’t believe i haven’t been reading the comment sections before now. i am such a fan of cuntery and fuckery and mat has got both in spades!

  18. Admittedly, I have pride knowing my teeth are its own natural color. Stark white teeth= insecurities. But yes, that dude needs to cut back on the coffee and tea.

  19. In what way was that self-absorbed, oobie? Or are you just assuming that ‘self-absorbed’ is a pretty good catch-all insult?

  20. Drew looks bad (worse) because you can’t see his bottom teeth (assuming that he has them) and lower lip. Without them, it looks like he’s got a prominent overbite, which in turn makes him look incredibly goofy (more than he no doubt already is). Seriously, what a dickhead couple. That picture is just so bad. And he looks jaundiced.


  22. In answer MsAnneThrope, us lesbians are all ugly anyway, so it’s hard to find a good picture of either, let alone both…

  23. douchenozzle is obviously my preferred catch all insult you fucking twit. and inferring even sarcastically that your incessant use of hyperbole is “the worst thing in the world” makes you self-absorbed, since everyone knows the worst thing in the world has nothing to do with you and everything to do with this:
    youtube .com/ watch?v=d5BdyIGtYcg&sns=em

    (don’t watch that.)

    and ill bet you thought you were really fucking clever by hyperboling your hyperbole so if anyone called you on your self absorbed douchenozzelry you could say something along the lines of “ZOMFG I so smart, that was even more hyperbole you cunts lolololololol” or some such. but bravo and carry on, the intarwebz needs people like you as much as it needs videos like the one linked above, so that I might find peace with my mundane and mediocre existence. because yay, at least i’m not you! 😀

  24. I’d fucking pork Sarah… I’d even rodeo her amber tooth tiger mate… inside out of course.

  25. hey ooobie, you fucked the link up, sport. so whatever parallel you were trying to draw – you failed.

  26. oobie said “my my my.” Oobie is a fucking dick.

  27. I gave him credit for tying.

  28. I think ya’ll need a turn in my pooter so ya’ll can CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

  29. MAT is still boring. Damn.

  30. takes you back, don’t it Prae?
    What does passive-aggressive mean? Do you remember?

  31. I AM NOT A DICK! i don’t even have one. and i figure the link wouldn’t be posted if i didn’t add some spaces though i would say broken links are almost as horrible as “skeletons having sex on a tin roof”(don’t google that).

  32. ^I pretty much love you for showing me that. You mediocre, mundane, dickless sack of crap.

  33. I do remember. Did you learn what it meant?

  34. does it mean that you’re a douche?

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