Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

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  1. I’m amazed that a whole 10 minutes went by without any of James’ female friends responding with: “And James’ dick, although it’s only three inches.”

  2. because James doesn’t have any female friends.

  3. or friends in general. those ten likes do not exist

  4. fucking dyslexia those 5 likes in ten minutes

  5. yeah, look at the pixels. he totally ‘shopped those likes in.

  6. Well, time to hit the old dusty trail.

  7. ymut is gonna go apeshit when he be seeing the whitney crack

  8. Ha! Poor little mutants suffering from PTSD. Reality hits hard.

  9. Presumably none of James’ female friends have personal knowledge of James’ privates.

  10. Also, who’s to day Houston’s friends won’t be sucking her crackpipe in her memory today?

  11. Box of tissues, relates to a date on valentines? who uses kleenex anymore, i live on my own, and have a special towel that i like depositing onto, it’s soft

  12. I’m with MsAnneThrope…. He has photoshopped the likes…

  13. Flames, old boy, exactly NO ONE is surprised that an intolerable knobjockey like you lives alone.

  14. hey aussie-retard , funny , since the post wasn’t showcasing likes, i believe it was the words, not the amount of thumbs. you fuck.

  15. Why does every single name in the above posts start with a “J”?

  16. /shakes head.

    Oh. Oh Flames. Oh dear me 🙁
    That was awful. I feel so terrible for you right now that I think I almost came.

  17. Almost? You left a puddle on the floor for fucks sake…christ…

  18. suck it, princess.

  19. *suck it up.

  20. Not my job, find some wetback with a mop.

  21. fucking unions. see the shit I have to deal with?

  22. vaginalroundhouse

    I dont know about you guys but i use the sock method. After you are done, throw them in the laundry with clothes that you don’t take much care of. Reduce reuse recycle.

  23. I’d prefer to use a heavily-felted dwarf.

  24. Heavily-felted dwarf? You could probably find one on Craigslist.

  25. I totally read that as heavily-fellated dwarf. Also available on Craigslist.

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