Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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  1. Selfsubmitted…

  2. …and not actually sent.

  3. …and was this taken before he even sent it? 20 bucks says he deleted his message post-screen shot. What an asshole.

  4. Yes, it was, but I thought it was funny.

  5. samwise?

  6. I want to see the attached photo: Champagne12.jpg.
    Sounds nummy.

  7. Be funny if he actually sent it, otherwise it’s just a bollockless attempt.

  8. ^he clearly thought it was funny. That’s why he bothered to screencap his awesome burn.

    i bet he was bursting with pride-boners when he did it, too.

  9. Ha. I have a few of those fb friends….when I’m feeling down I stalk their fb profiles to remind myself how bad it COULD be.

  10. bet he sucked off a horse after his pride boners

  11. He rode into the sunset after he sucked off a horse after he got his pride boner

  12. Boners was plural, arse’ole.

  13. I bet he sucked off a unicorn.

  14. I hope the person who submitted this is reading: You fail at life.

  15. have u guys seen death by horsecock.

  16. I filmed it.

  17. Cheers to you too

  18. When Mad sees this he is going to be pissed!!!!

  19. I actually agree with crusty. I don’t mind self-submission, but this guy just comes off as a wimp who lacked the balls to send that message.
    Of course, MsAnne knows all about self-submission, when you masturbate acting as your own dom and sub.

  20. im sure MsAnne just loved the word “Asinine” also

  21. ^you had to look it up, didn’t you? hah!

    …and, holy fuck, mad2. That’s an awesome suggestion. We should cyber some time.

  22. If you are sending a message along with a friend request, can you still see it after you’ve sent it? Maybe that’s why it’s been screen grabbed as it is… still a self submission though, probably. Unless he did it to email it to his friends to show them how awesome he was and give them all boners too. And one of them forwarded it to Lamebook.

    But probably not.

  23. Heya bluhevs. Yes, you can still see messages that have been sent to non-friends, after the fact. So he’s just a douche with no testicles to speak of.

  24. Fair enough.

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