Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. are you an atypical mutant, then? or just incredibly fucking stupid?

  2. yt.

  3. Hello Laila.. How are you?

  4. Yawn!

  5. You obviously haven’t been around long enough to know that I’ve addressed MsAnneThrope and VaginalRoundHouse several times before. Gosh, I’ve been frequenting Lamebook for what, a few years now? Yeah, I’ve already done those rounds. It’s pointless. They just don’t care what I think, or what you think for that matter. Hell, I don’t care what you think, either. It’s not like my life revolves around pleasing a bunch of people I’ll never meet via internet comments.

    So, I bid you adieu, as I am heading home to go have nachos with my kids, and later on, to please my wife, because THAT’s what matters. It’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone go get some.

  6. Enjoy the nachos beatus!

  7. ytmutation February 14th, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Typical mutants. I’m labeled as a troll because I answered a request from “MS”AnneThorpe[sic]. How soon we forget.

    rhetorical question. and what kind of fucking idiot answers a rhetorical question?

  8. Look! I can copypasta like a boss.
    I guess I win the internet for today.

  9. Hi trippinn! I’m awesome, but now I really want some nachos.
    Have fun, beatus.

  10. I’m racist, but only towards niggahs, gooks and towel heads. Mexicans are a-ok in my book, although I have never met one.

  11. Thats good Laila.. And dont worry bout yt. He’s either severely retarded, or has a napoeon complex of the dick, and therefore wishes to be black. And don’t worry, he has no ida what im saying. My choice of words and punctuation are too advanced for him to understand.

  12. what about native americans, bradles? how do you feel about the red men?

  13. Not sure yet Annie. Never met one so I can’t really form an opinion. I do like their names though.

  14. Eh, wouldn’t say I’m worried about him, trippinnn. Just mildly annoyed I’ve said hi to him a bunch of times and he doesn’t have the decency to say hi back.
    I bet it’s because I’m not black.
    He’s probably one of those annoying white wannabe-black dudes. God, they’re annoying.

  15. Ha! The mutants are suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder. The truth hurts.

  16. Post traumatic stre- wtf are you talking about?

  17. So why do you people always respond to Yt-whatever? Is it really that good?

  18. Hey, yt is back! I was missing the quality entertainment. It’s just so damn hard to find good trolls these days.

  19. Although really I think he needs some new material, like maybe some Indian-bashing?

  20. @hawkbit.. It really is THAT good.

  21. No need for “new material” the truth withstands the test of time.


  22. what truth would that be?

  23. I see ytmutation is still beating that dead horse *yawn*

  24. he’s white, so he’s actually beating off that dead horse.
    It’s just what we white folk do.

  25. Ha! Mutants are especially fond of horses. You know, with them being into beastiality and all.

  26. Hey Yt, speaking of bi-racial, I’m wondering what your thoughts are about romantic interracial relationships.

  27. Dee, I doubt yt would want those who have evolved through mutation to mix their superior genes with those who haven’t evolved yet. That would be like fucking an amoeba or something.

    Oh, you know, it is just too easy. We need better trolling around here.

  28. I’m not totally convinced here that yt actually is white. I know he claimed he is, but he doesn’t strike me as being a person with very much integrity.
    It is quite to difficult to form a completely unbiased opinion as to exactly what colour skin he’s sporting as no one ever wishes to admit that another member of their race is quite that fucking stupid.

  29. lets all pay attention to msanne typing “copypasta” – well thats some very clever word play, how do i feel embarrased for you typing that, and you type it freely like a child playing with his pecker in public as it has yet to have morals placed on him that genitilia play is bad in public but cool thumbnail pic you have next to your name now.

    also @beatusmongrel typical internet loser catch phrase – which includes something about going to do “real life” things, when he’s actually probably still lurking the comment sections wondering if anyone addressed you.

  30. ^and to expound on my theory, that dick Flames is far too stupid to even be a human.

  31. You’re embarrassing yourself again, Flames. Copypasta is quite a well-known term. You should become familiar with memes and other sites before typing things into the interwebz.

    Because I feel sorry for you, get this up ya:
    “Copypasta is internet slang for any block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again, typically disseminated by individuals through online discussion forums and social networking sites. Although it shares some characteristics with spam in the sense they’re both unsolicited (and often considered a nuisance), copypastas are mainly spread through human operators whereas the latter is automatically generated by electronic messaging systems.”

  32. Flames, just because you personally say you’re going to leave and then lurk, that doesn’t mean everyone does. Some people really do have other things to do.

  33. Flames, I’ve seen raging boners less obvious than you.

  34. I’ve seen Dees raging boner.. Much less obvious than you.

  35. Nachos were pretty good. They had carnitas on them, and the jalapeños were nice and juicy.

    My night was nice, but my front tire blew out on my ride home, and I ended up sideways on the street at 20mph. That wasn’t fun, and now I need a new tire and maybe some new gloves. They’re pretty torn up. I’m still pretty sore after that, and my left hand and wrist is all swollen, but it’s all good.

    Let me correct #71, and say this: “No need for new material, because this tired old crap still keeps trolling well.” I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  36. Where’s imamofo when you need him…?

  37. Typical internet losers, sticking up for another internet loser.

  38. what do you mean? there is no one sticking up for you. At all.

  39. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    I’m new here. So can someone tell me if this is real? Are there people out there that are really this incredibly racist and uneducated? Or is this a joke? Please, tell me it’s a joke.

  40. #89, you want serious racism? wwwdotwhitewatch.

  41. ^but don’t go there. they are bigotted fucking idiots.

  42. Typical retard retaliation – throwing my ‘joke’ around back at me. Also , ‘joke’ I use loosely, because you all became butthurt over it, and I’m just busy pointing out reality to you cigarette smoking, fastfood eating , pseudo intellects . Next, if anyone’s listening, I’m sure will come the grammatical errors present. Yes, laila, I have never said “im leaving” even if i was leaving I don’t owe a goodbye , nor do I feel that I need to tell anyone that I’m leaving.

  43. Eh. I kinda got bored with whatever message you were trying convey. If you’re trying to piss people off, you’re going to need a more cutting-edge process than calling us losers and retards, we’re all pretty muh used to that by now.

  44. well Laila, this hug is for you.

  45. I’m not gonna stay, because this shit is creepy as hell.
    I’ll just leave a rape whistle over here in the corner if you need it, Laila.
    [/backs out, closes door]

  46. Sorry, Flames. I didn’t realize how much you’d miss me after my departing. But it’s okay, I will still come back and hopefully make you laugh once more.

    The only reason I did mention that I was heading home was because Mr. Mutant is the type that would come up with some stupid question and demand an answer, and then make asinine comments about how I’m unable to answer him because I’m a typical white mutant. I figured it was better to disclose up front so I wouldn’t feel the need to explain myself later.

    But then, here I am, explaining myself to you. Dammit, what’s wrong with me?

    I guess you’re right. I am an internet loser. Oh, well. At least I had good nachos.

  47. Uhh…. Okay. Um.
    Yeah, thanks, MsAnne,I might need it.

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